"The great Irish property crash", The book.

Who’s gonna write it? McWilliams, Curran, George Lee , a property pin member? There will be a market for such a book detailing everything that caused the mess.

one of us could write it, just get a foreward by David McWilliams, George Lee or Eddie Hobbs and you’d be away in a hack!

David mcWilliams has indeed taken time-out of his job at the SBP to work on a book - maybe that’s it!

OOOOOh has he ???!

Can I offer some clichés so.

Mary the Muppet
ATM Anto
Lisa Ladder
Joos Can’t Lose
X5 Remo and XC5 Topup
Bulgarian Bliss

I think McWilliams, he was the first one to warn about this and is consistently held up by bulls as an example of somebody who was wrong which is wasn’t because he never set a date for it to happen more warned that it was inevitable.

It is going to be difficult for mcWilliams to write that book without coming across condescending. It will smack of “I told you so”.

Ah he is always quite condescending anyway so it will suit.

Who’s gonna design the cover?
May I be so bold as to suggest Whizzbang.
That graph he designed last week looked mighty impressive and those sweet tickers he uses would be ideal.
A dvd could be inserted inside the front cover featuring that rollercoaster ride etc.That made very scary viewing for me.
It might be safer to have an over 18 warning on it though as we don’t want to frighten young children.

My pleasure

I think the 1st chapter should start on the blame game and we should feature first!!! 8)

Chapter 1

Who “dunnit” Theory No1: Those “Property Pin” Pricks on the Internet?

So who killed the Irish property market? Perhaps a random disenfranchised collective of cyberspace junkies, fond of smoking red herrings in open forums like a dog that wouldn’t let go of the bone of doom. Did there bark scare people into thinking the rabbid bite of the property market hounds would deliver a lethal dose of reality sending them to a negative equity grave.

Maybe it was the lone watchman, SOMA who from his statistical watchtower could access the black stuff, the anti-information that was never before seen by the Irish people (sure it was myth, legends of far away places called Nippon), negative house price growth in glorious hyper-text-Technicolor.

Did these chattering virtual classes traveling time with whirlwind pin prick accuracy predictions bring it all to an end or was there something else?

Chapter 2

(fill the blank)

Maybe the book should be about FF and their connections to building industry and its legacy on the Irish economy for years to come.

:slight_smile: Can’t blame FF for the greed of others.

Besides. FF won the elections. Fair and square. Let it go.

You cannot seperate FF and the building industry. If planning wasnt so screwed up land wouldnt be so expensive etc etc and prices would not have risen to such unsustainable levels. Its a complex tale but as FF are attached at hip to builders and have presided over the bubble over last 10 years they are among most deserving of blame.

This should have been sorted out years ago.
Also paying millions to landowners for a few fields adjacent to towns has been allowed get way out of control.1 million euro per acre and above has been paid for this type of land - a total disgrace.
It should have been capped at the very least.

With any indepedence there is a civil war.
With any economic boom there is an economic crash.

Just the way it is.

Besides. The people have voted so the case is closed.

We know where your allegiances lie phoenix but despite the boom ssias and frightening people about dire economic consequences if alternative is elected FF +PDs lost seats and more than half the population voted against them! A housng market bubble and burst could have been avoided or at least mitigated unlike general economic recessions.

These foetid, gnarled goblins spent sweaty nights asleep in the sewers dreaming of new phrases and arguments which would have the effect of undermining the staunch, blue-eyed, flaxen-haired owners and proponents of a glorious mortgage-holding future.

Little did our property-bull heroes suspect the power and sheer deceitful vigour of the hatred-inflamed *Propertei Pinstaffel *and their constant war against the bull and human decency…