The Great Monkeypox Swindle

“So far in Europe, the majority – though not all – of reported patients, have been among men who have sex with men“

Why the hell should I need to isolate or face restrictions then?

Monkeypox sideshow failed to launch? Let’s try polio.

It will of course be those blasted PCR tests with the amplification cycles set to maximum used to detect the “sickness.”

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Virus can of course do the variant and become super transmissable pox.

But but but… Polio vaccine eradicated polio… How are people gonna square this circle, the eradication of polio has oft been the go-to default pro-vax argument since time immemorial (almost!) :thinking:

Ah… I know, it’s ok, it’s ok folks, it’s cool, you can sit back down, it’s only,

“Vaccine-derived poliovirus”

Phew! :sweat_smile:

So if the polio vaccine may in fact not have been responsible for its eradication (almost), then what was?

OTTOMH, the connection with Polio and pesticides is an interesting one, the place that still uses DDT afaik, which still has Polio is… India.

Clean drinking water, healthy food and sanitation and humans thrive. Many believe this is the key to super human success. Imagine.


Robert Malone may have recently also noted what has been noted for a long time about the introduction of sanitation being the main driver of drop pre-vaccine in such diseases.

Dedicated thread here now The Polio gambit

And yet another distraction

Play stupid games…

WHO Considers Declaring Monkeypox a Global Health Emergency