The Greatest Grift Ever Sold

Is the Greatest Grift Ever Sold about to reach The Final Conclusion?

I have to admit that I no longer believe 6 million Jews were killed in WW2.


warning deep schizo speculative content…

Or was that just the middle chapter in a 150 year old grift? All this pseudo-historic deluded guff started gaining ground around the same time the Rothschilds began intertwining themselves with the royal family.

The classic 50 year old book on the subject that seems more credible each day:


A few highlights from the Wikipedia article on ‘Jerusalem’ but the whole thing needs to be read carefully…

Remember this tune back when the current nightmare began to unfold?


Long story short, King Charles is a low IQ rube who’s had the money men and assorted weirdos whispering flatteries into those big ears his whole life. He’s convinced it’s his destiny as a descendant of the House of David to rule over the earth from a new Jerusalem. The reason why everything is being accelerated so quickly, including his mother’s death, is because he’s approaching his own death.

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Where’s the article on here again referencing the 6M appearing in many different publications decades before WWII?

Of course six million Jews were never killed in WW2
Some years ago Auschwitz historians reduced the number of deaths at that camp from 4 million to 1.5 million
But some people just love repeating 6 million
They love denying the facts

A magnificent “whatabout”…:man_shrugging:

There are some groups that believe Edinburgh is/was Jerusalem, that history has been rewritten to hide the true location of the holy lands.

Confused all.

Where have I seen those 3 flags pictured together lately? :thinking:


The head of government of one and the freshly elected parliamentary leader of another of those countries yesterday both outed themselves as religious nutjobs suffering under the delusion that they’re fulfilling biblical prophecy with the genocidal campaign in Gaza.

This isn’t looking like quite such a total schizo take today…

The Menace trio.

Sorry, Net
No one gets to choose which parts of Isiah’s prophecy is true and which parts are not

FFS. Ukrainian hat’s lad’s.

M&S in False Flag shocker… well I never! But…

Members of the English Defence League, rumoured to be an MI5 cutout, marching at a protest against a mosque at the WTC site in New York in 2010:

Although their then leader “Tommy Robinson” was refused admission to the US on this occasion, in 2016 he not only travelled through Israel on a PR blitz but obtained a permit to visit the Golan Heights and posed for this photo:

This is the board of the American think tank Middle East Forum who have been funding Robinson’s legal and other costs (no further comment required):

An interesting piece of information from this Guardian article based on research from another Jewish NGO, the ISD, who as you’re aware have been busy smearing Irish people via their local assets these past few years. Robinson got what looks like a ‘no-show job’ at Rebel Media-remember them from the Covid “freedom” era?

I wonder what those guys are up to these days…:roll_eyes:

The MEF is closely linked with a similar group The Gatestone Institute who also fund and publish Douglas Murray:

And here’s Murray undergoing his final transformation from the respectable educated version of Robinson to agent provocateur trying to stir up street violence (not that he’ll be anywhere near it.)

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And today both Robinson and Katie Hopkins were unbanned from twitter. The grift has become utterly transparent.