The Green Jobs myth

The US is further along the whole Smart meter issue than us, interesting take from the Washington Post … 03945.html

I think there’s some real opportunities, although the Irish Greens wouldn’t see it if it hit them in the bicycle. There’s huge interest in green tech R&D and it has to take place somewhere. If the govt here were to pump some money into higher education in the green sector, plus some tax credits for green R&D and/or manufacturin, we’d have a chance at some jobs.

Of course, the govt will get hung up on a bunch of buzzwords and fuck it up.

Excellent article.

If what he says is true for the US it is doubly so for Ireland.

Government subsidies to one sector tend to destroy jobs in other sectors. Of course, green technology fetishes are often directly job destroying in an Irish context. This is certainly true for wind turbines or electric cars.

Unfortunately the more ‘proactive’ governments and institutions are throwing good money after bad in their endevours to develop so called ‘greentech’ or ‘cleantech’.
Examples would include the first generation biofuels fiasco, followed by the second, destined to create even more problems, now joined by futile efforts to make diesel out of algae. Our lethargy won’t help us, but may inhibit otherwise ill informed decisions.

There are many worthwhile endevours, but a government bent upon a traditional ‘recovery’ won’t be able to see them, and would probably be philisophically opposed anyway

Once again trying to reinvent the wheel.

Moving from a “jobs” based society to a “play” based society will bypass the inherent irreconcilable idiosyncratic policies and results ye have plainly outlined.