The greens twitter comment

Can anyone confirm if this is genuine? I’m not too up on my twitter!

Well thats grand so :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if the imbeciles put GoGo in charge of the official party account.

What could be greener than bringing Ireland back to the stone age?

You have to laugh. The Greens just seem to love torpedo’ing themselves with Twitter.

Sounds like something he’d write. Wait actually, not enough cursing.

The green ministers ditched a whole heap of their most loyal party workers as soon as they got in to Government.


And they ditched their able thinkers over NAMA. It’s easy to claim to be an internally democratic party if you purge all dissent.

Worst politicians at the business of politic’ing I’ve ever seen (and that’s not meant as a back-handed compliment).

It’s even better when you go back and see the hoops they jumped through to stop the able thinkers from saving the country:
Greens & NAMA

Every day I browse this site and almost every-fucking-day I come across something an Irish politician or official has done that is gobsmackingly stupider than the last.

Thank you Greens for todays dose of dimness.


Please read sensibly, and always read the label.
Research proves, in the end, you are what you read :open_mouth:

Greens say there not going anywhere till they get their legislation through. Today FM News.

Greens… The robbed the ideals of a few and packaged them up for their own profit.
no surprise I watched all the same people in the CND Anit-nucler protests in the 70s, all left wing, intellectuals ,soon as a few pence crossed their hands they sold out every ideal they ever had,
similar to the student protests in UCD in 1969, all those student leaders went on to rape the nation
Its like the fella said when speaking of those ucd students in the protests who went on to fame and fortune in politics, tv etc… sure those crowd would join any cause just for the attention, they didnt believe in shit, just wanted to be in charge of the show

ah cool I just got a green tit (no not a green twit) to come inside the house Ive a bunch of little birds following the trail of seeds I left outside.
quick John can I be a Greenie too … can I … can I

I thought the same with the Republicans in the US. But Obama (im not a supporter) is getting slaughtered on alot of issues becasue he is trying to clean up the mess the Republicans left. Do you think people can see that not if you look at the recent elections there.
Id be concerned the same could happen here, soon as FF are out, and the next govt are in a have to implement the painful measures FF hve kicked to touch people, especially the ff’ers will be bckout in droves
thats why labour are so quite, they know its a poison chalice they are being passed

Its a substantive point but unfortunately tis us who are getting burnt on the fire.

Unfortunately the opposition FG, Labour, are either too thick, incompetent, or mean to spend some money on campaigns highlighing FF disastrous policiies.
they need to hammer this message home with the facts, figures, the lies FF have spouted on tv…
they need to make sure every young person on this isle is eductated to EXACTLY what went on … ffs some people are still even of the opinion lying Lenihan the sack of shit might actually have a point…

Labour and FG are too cocksure they have the next election in the bag… but they should be planning for not just the next election but the election after that and that and that…
educate the voters now, even the ones who are being forced to emmigrate, make sure hte message is drilled into thie heads
FF and the Greens have fucked this country up, etc …