The health service


Needs UHI implemented and GPs and most doctors to become HSE employees or it’ll be an unfundable stack of bollocks.


I read somewhere in the past fortnight or so of a case being taken by a few GPs to prove they are HSE employees. I would set a big precedent


Based on personal experience and a STAFF notice that I happened to see in a certain hospital located not too far from Leeson St you’re right about that Tyler!


A friend is a speech therapist with the HSE outside of Dublin

All appointments cancelled this morning. An outrage I hear you say, Leo should intervene. Except is was the parents cancelling because the weather was so nice.

Fucking priorities of some people. :imp:


That’s common in Canada.


Fine Gael’s health service




Interesting the lack of interest by the media in this story.

Does is not tally with the narrative of a newly compassionate nation that has wholeheartedly embraced liberal values?


The system is working, isn’t that what TUG use ta’ say, and sure didn’t the Irish people vote to allow the government away with murder, at any cost. So what’s the big deal? :man_shrugging: