The higher tax agenda behind global warming

it was madness in the first place to allow our emissions on 1990 levels

You’ve heard of the gravy train, meet the gravy plane

So we have a rather large number of United Nations officials (always ready to help mankind if they can do it with unlimited expense accounts and first-class benefits) scurrying off to Bali next month to save the planet. They will be attending a conference on climate change. Are any of our county councillors going?
To show their deep concern about the fate of the planet, shouldn’t the representatives fly commercial? They could jet-pool to cut down on all the pollution… Oh the irony of all those private jets will be spewing out global warming pollutants. Isn’t this akin to bulldozing trees to build a center that will host a conference on deforestation?
I’ll believe (global warming) is a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis. That’s not what I see happening.

It can be done, if that was what you wanted and it wouldn’t resemble this way of living.

I myself believe and have stated os that the carbon tax is a bit of a con proposed by governments needing new tax agendas to justify their governance.

I trust the universe, I have nothing but utter contempt for politicians and their contempt for reality.
Nice handy winter break at taxpayer expense

Do we really need 14 officials there? I think not. Id love to know how much that jaunt is costing the taxpayer? I wouldnt be surprised if the cost was about €1/4m.

With telecommunications and internet the way they are nowadays, they could have the just sent 4 people and kept the rest of the team in Dublin working over conference call and internet.