The Homeless at Christmas. 2015 edition.

This is the first christmas that the state has ever been faced with a large scale ‘non traditional’ homeless problem, where homeless families normally accommodated in hotels are being kicked out as the hotels will close for a few days at that time. This is an especially acute problem in Dublin.

We have long had traditional homelessness where temporary shelters are opened to get them indoors and fed for a few weeks in the dead of winter, that will still happen I understand.

I was told today that Drumcondra may be kicking out all their campus accomodated students (and their bits and belongings) for 2 weeks from the 20th December to around the 8th of January. Hopefully Joan Burton pays the students for these storage costs and provides a fleet of corpo vans to help move their book and baubles in and out of storage either side of the possession.

That said it sounds like a great idea, fair play to St Pats, and provides 2 weeks of certainty for families at an emotional time of year. :slight_smile:

Not questioning your sources but I’d be surprised if that’s true. Sticking homeless people into student accommodation however short-term, surely must have implications for insurance, security, safety etc.? They may be “families” or “non-traditional” homeless but given that they seem to be mostly single mothers, there’d be worries about ex-boyfriends and husbands turning up creating chaos…which is how most of them seemed to end up “homeless” in the first place.

I think Pats kicks students out every year for Christmas…? I’d want to double check my source on that, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t new.

(And it’s a massive pain for the students).

Our cops can’t police a Leaving Cert results night. How’re they gonna face down students who have armed themselves with water cannons and rubber hoses? :open_mouth:

A few cans of Amstel?

Who cares about homelessness lets take thousands more “Syrian” refugees, give them homes, money etc

Yep, stick it at the bottom of a traffic cone and gorilla glue round the rim. Students are always looking for Amstel in traffic cones…

There are plenty of homes for ‘our’ homeless AND the Syrian refugees, both, as long as they all agree to move to Roscommon and Leitrim. Plenty of spare housing there and school places etc.

But WILL they move I ask. You might think beggars cannot be choosers but I can safely predict they might be choosers. :smiley:

Theres no st pats any more its all DCU now

There was a story in the Irish Times a while back about some Vietnamese refugees who ended up in Ireland (a few hundred I think) in the late 70s.

They were earnestly dispatched around the country (Tralee was mentioned) but within a few years the bulk had moved to Dublin.

PS: you do not even have to go as far as Roscommon or Leitrim. Here’s a walk-in condition BER C2 3-bed semi with garage in Longford for €115k. Not a new build outskirts-of-town location by any means. You could buy 800 of these with DCC’s annual spend on the homeless btw…

You’re making too much sense…
The “mainstream” media in Ireland can’t seem to be bothered to distinguish between actual homelessness and and people affected by gentrification who fail to deal with their situation (i.e. where can I afford to rent now).

You can get very good value for the taxpayer as far east as Mullingar and Portlaoise in fact. However Mullingar Longford Athlone and Portlaoise are dog rough towns with their own inbred undesirables so I recommended the more generally far more civilised Roscommon and Leitrim as better alternatives for refugees. Yer Dublin chaws would be a better fit for Midland towns. :slight_smile:

Not forgetting Rio de Gort either. :slight_smile:

Not quite on topic bit it looks like our own street “homeless” have some serious international competition around this Christmas. In fact, several planeloads must have arrived in directly from Bucharest, judging by the amount of Roma beggars adorning strategic spots in the capital over the weekend.

I was in town on Saturday night and there were three or four young girls begging on a short stretch between the Central Bank and the Olympia. Waiting outside for ten minutes or so, I watched as a ringleader communicated with one of the women. He was straight out of central casting; unfashionable leather jacket, bushy ‘tache and one of those furry hats with ear flaps. He seemed to be having a sharp-ish exchange with the young woman in his charge. She didn’t seem at all amused to be sitting on the soaking ground in the wind and rain, while he clearly wasn’t happy about something – probably the lack of takings. He then crossed the road where there was another member of his team near the ATM – presumably to check out the cashflow situation there.

Apart from the grubbiness and seediness of it all, the sheer blatant highly organised element is astounding. Where are the Gardai and where are the feminists and the do-gooders, when it comes to Roma beggars? These women were quite young, possibly even as young as 15 or 16 which would make them child welfare cases. Even if they were older, it was a clear case of physical abuse of young women by men – I doubt very much whether any of these women would volunteer to beg in such atrocious weather conditions.

My own view (not surprisingly) is that street begging should be completely banned/outlawed and the laws strictly enforced.

I’d say it’s on topic. Hardly unique to Ireland, though - I’ve seen reports that these poor souls are being shipped from one big city in Germany to the other, guess it’s the same all over Europe.

Munich even locks them away for up to 4 weeks : GoogleTranslate

Are you saying that feminists and “do-gooders” don’t care about young Roma women being exploited?

Well…I heard Ivana on the radio this morning rabbiting on about the 8th amendment while over the weekend I heard a discussion about bloody gender quotas. Yes, I do think the issue of Roma (and Muslim) women is a tad touchy for them. I think they’re probably conflicted between helping them and interfering with their “culture.” (That culture being mainly about begging and marrying very young - usually against their will.) … ge_age_12/

In my student days I was living in campus accommodation in the UK which was used as a backpacker hostel outside of term time. You only paid rent for term time and you had to vacate at Christmas and Easter. The management set aside a couple of rooms which could be used to store belongings during holidays so you just put all your stuff in a couple of boxes and labelled it and went home to Mammy for a couple of weeks. If Drumcondra is doing something like this, and it’s understood up front, then I don’t see it as a major hardship for the students.

Didn’t see this posted anywhere else…pretty shoddy treatment of people who are housing themselves from their own resources and efforts. … 0-Dec2015/
*COUPLES WERE IN tears last night at a Dublin City Council meeting after being informed that the houses they had put deposits down on had been sold to an agency for social housing. The young families had paid deposits on the houses, valued at between €275,000 and €320,000, in the An Riasc estate in Finglas. However, yesterday they read in a local newspaper that the houses they hoped to be living in by Christmas had been sold to the housing agency, An Túath. All 49 homes in the development have been secured for social housing.
“…We all have to go back to the drawing boards now. This was our dream house – it was near our jobs, our families, we wanted to set up home there and start a family, this is a year of planning just gone,” said the buyer.

Bloody hell. You would have thought that acceptance of the deposit would be enough to have an implied contract? Apparently not though, at least according to that article.

I simply refuse to believe that providing housing is as complicated as our councils (and central government) make it seem.

Good to see the story got coverage in the Independent

‘Anti-homeless’ bars placed at Tanaiste Joan Burton’s office leaves charity director ‘disgusted’,

This is a terrible own goal from the Government. Very bad for transfers. No mention of skateboards either.

RTE News also covered this story with a very critical piece.

The Irish Examiner also covered it.

And there’s a petition here for anyone who wants to sign it to express your disgust.