The incredible moving house

The incredible moving house …

Was &


Perhaps it sailed down the river :angry:

Ohhh the irony.

Very private back garden innit

Good god, are they still trying to shift these? Somebody needs to realise price is important too…

Two other fears:


Is this the house where the developer rented a lamborghini/ferarri (or some other naff car) and parked it inside the house?


James Joyce describes the wider area in terms not generally favoured by Estate Agents

Speaking from the UK, where there are loads of canals, rats are a huge problem within 500m of a canal.
I lived on a road where almost every house had a cat and they all use to congregate in our back garden. They used to sit on the window-sills and everything.

Couldnt figure it out until I saw 3 rats in the kitchen one night…

Student accomodation, eh?

Robbed a neighbours cat and locked it in the kitchen for a couple of days - didnt bother feeding it. Rat problem went away. Funny, huh?

Never buy near a river or a canal.

Rubbish. I live by a river and have never once had a problem with rats. In reference to Swan Lake… if you look at the river in the photograph it is extremely low. At normal water levels the bottom steps and jettys would be under water.

In fairness, Joyce described much of Dublin in terms that would not make it into EA copy. But I’m sure the EAs of the day would have spun even Monto and the greater Nighttown area. And let’s not forget that Joyce was, of course, a raging snob as well, a family trait not helped by his feckless father leading the family on a slow spiral into the inner city and its attendant poverty. This culminated in a spell off the North Circular Road in an area which even now is not gentrified, when young James had to suffer the indignity of education by Christian Brothers!

Though to be fair to these houses in the OP, much of the Phoenix Park - which is about 50 yards opposite - is mythologised to the nth degree in Finnegans Wake. Quite a hook to hang the price tag on, if you could get a professor to wake to Anna Livia lapping at his breakfast counter every morning.

It depends, of course, on what other uses that river/canal is put too! i.e. rubbish dump etc…

looks to me like the jetty and steps rise and fall with the water level from the two anchoring poles. this would be normal.

Abduction by pirates

Cue the music…

“It’s a long way to Somaila, it’s a long way … to go …”