The Indo Agenda

It has already been alluded to here, but in a slight different way. Is there an agenda behind the Independent group’s switch to a “there’s a bubble, it’s gonna burst and kill us all” stance?

Apparently The Phoenix magazine in it’s next issue will explore whether the Indo is “out to get” Bertie …

So, is the switch of emphasis more a political move than actualy a journalistic “we belive there’s a real issue here”?

If it’s the former, then it’s an interesting experiment in the power of the media in shaping both the financial/economic and political landscapes.

Blue Horseshoe

Tony O’ Rile me doing a doing a half arced Murdoch impersonation?
Sun headline after Majors victory in 1992

Interesting then that the Indo has chosen the issue of the housing market as its cause celeb.

It has been alluded to quite openly on other fora that individual Sindo journalists have serious vested interests in the property market, hence their broadside on the stamp duty issue.

Yep seems from what was in the last Phoenix (Pasily on the Cover giving the 2 fingers! :smiley: )

It was clear than a few jurno had serious interests in seeing their proepties for sale but it msut run deeper with all the advertising from the EA and other investment companies etc. YOu can’t find a mag wihtout some property advertising these days its bloody awful.

Perhpas there is more to come, I havne’t seen the latest Phoenix mag but obviously this “Bring Bertie” down is an on going theme is the Indo have an Agenda.

According to the Phoenix, Anne Harris has been trying to shift a 4.5 million euro mansion since last summer.

She’s the editor’s fiancee as well as being deputy editor herself. Eoghan Harris, her ex-husband, who is so cool he just writes under “Harris”, was due half the proceeds of that sale. Though apparently she raised the money she owed him through selling other property.

A cursory reading of the Sindo over a few weeks shows that they don’t report the news, they believe they ARE the news.

phoenix has serious issues with the indo, it is always criticising the indo group - quite rightly in a lot of cases and it doesn’t really go after the other papers to the same extent
But then again maybe the indo deserves it over the other papers, weren’t they the ones who had appalling reports on liam lawlors death and the garda who died in childbirth with her baby.

yeah i get the same impression. Not sure why but their sales are falling and they need to increase their presence by having more ‘sensational’ stories. Last dying digs from a dying pop broadsheet, IMO.