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His income is huge but Brian Clown is not a world leader,

Now do the same for senior and middle-ranking public servants.

This where I’d really love to see hard numbers for salary scales **and **numbers. I have a feeling we have an unusually large number of senior civil servants staffing various agencies but it’s hard to get good data.

Good Idea
Figuring out equivelent grades will be fun.

Our esteemed leader therefore earns around 6.1c for each person in the country he governs, about 15 times what his nearest rival on that list earns (Sarkozy - 0.4c)

This is an absolutely scandelous situation. Have our political fuckwits no shame?

No shame whatsoever. However when he is being garrotted on College Green, the revenge satisfaction itself will be worth every penny of it.

Only of we get the money back as well.

Yet again, highly selective use of statistics from the FT.
At €257,000 p.a., Cowen is only earning around 10 times the average industrial wage, but the paper should have included several other world leaders , namely the chiefs of at least five much larger countries in Africa, who officially earn less than Cowen (currency converted) but are still raking in more than one THOUSAND times the average annual wage/earnings in their countries, plus no doubt socking away plenty more loot in Swiss bank accounts.

What are you trying to say? We are marginally better than severely corrupt despots in Africa? I should bloody hope so! :blush:

Damned with faint praise! :angry:

Stick a fin on him and try to sell him to a Japanese fisherman.

Whose body have they stuck Cowen’s head on. Definately not his own. He would topple over the coins. BD

If I may put on my pedantic hat for a moment … Unless you are a member of Fianna Fail or of the government, Brian Cowen is not our leader.

The President is the head of State, and as such, leader of the country. The Taoiseach is the Prime Minister and as such head of Government.

Articles 12 & 13 if you want to look it up.

Removes pedantic hat and places it carefully back into it’s box.

But, the Taoiseach is paid far too much. Perhaps a fairer system would be along the lines of the following…

TD’s salaries are benchmarked each year based on the following;

Full Salary (gross) equal to 250% of the published national average industrial wage (gross) for the previous full year.
Salary paid monthly pro-rata to time spent in the chamber while the Dáil was in session that month. Where a TD is a member of an Oireachtas committee, time they are absent from the sitting chamber spent attending that committee is counted as present. Also, time spent outside the Dáil at the request of the chamber will also count (except where they are excluded from the chamber).

Ministers (whether a Deputy or Senator) and the Taoiseach will receive an additional payment of 50% (gross) the previous years average industrial wage (gross). No minister shall receive more than one additional ministerial payment regardless of the number or nature of portfolios held.

Blue Horseshoe

This presumably has been discussed elsewhere but a heartwarming item in the budget was the announcement of a new benchmarking on ministers and senior civil servants (about 6000 people in total if I remember well).

The benchmarking criteria will be against similar employees in mid ranking euro countries (low ranking would be better but still).

If done honestly this will cause a collapse in all the salaries involved. I strongly suspect this move was forced by one of the economists they’ve persuaded on board.

Subsequently the rest of the public service will need a similar benchmarking comparison, probably inevitable as the higher public servants could end up earning less than the best paid normal public servants.

This inverted house of cards may well be about to tumble down

Especially when they look at the tax receipts… :unamused:

This ain’t going to happen. It will be reviewed by the people who it concerns most. Our politicians and civil servants are not going to give themselves big pay cuts. This is just “optics” to stop FF getting wiped out in the council elections and to keep a general election at bay. Dream on those who expect serious reform. XD

Comparing or benchmarking one’s salary to identical or closely similar roles elsewhere or in other organisations is only valid if the salary earners skills are being competed for between organisations and the individual is able (not necessarily willing) to move.

While, in the private sector where employees can be tempted away from their current employer by increased remuneration, keeping an eye on market rates is an important exercise, it is of absolutely no value in the public sector world of the elected representative.

Politicians are not part of cohort whose skills are in demand from multiple employers within the State (brown envelopes aside). There is only one employer; the Citizenry. Neither is an Irish TD going to move to the UK, Germany, France or Belgium and take up a similar role there (other than EU positions).

Thus, comparing the salary of an Irish elected representative to a representative in another State is a nonsense. Given the unique position of the representative in society, the only meaningful benchmark by which they can and should be measured is the quality of life of their constituents, and as such, the closest metric economically we can use is the published figures of the average incomes within the State.

Furthermore, the role of an elected representative and that of a senior civil servant are not analogous and so, should not be compared for the purposes of remuneration.

The political class tell us they are not in it for the money, that they entered politics to help people and improve their lives. Well then, lets help them achieve that … tie their income to that of the people they represent.

Blue Horseshoe

AFAIK they are not just benchmarking the politicians salary’s, they are benchmarking all Public/Civil Servants salary’s?

While I am at it …quick question in relation to the over 50’s get of of jail free card in the Public/Civil Service before the next budget ( I am betting another early one). He (BL) said that they will review the applicants. Is this to prevent the real worry of those who need to stay going, because they get shafted, and do all the work, and those who need to go staying, because they have had a cushy number for years, not doing a tap, being protected from being fired and because all the others leave, are the only one’s to be promoted?

Very true blue horseshoe, The President is our head of state, so lets add her figures to the mix
Mrs McAleese is paid just over €350,000…
fuck me that stupid wagon is paid 350,000 pedantic fucking euros , and add in another approx 200,000 in allowances…

she leaves them all in the halfpenny place as regards World leaders… talk of “returning to the well, returning to the source” yeah your good at that alright hairy mary off to the fucking euro well … your not my friggin president,

so for approx 600,000 basic salary a year we get Mary ‘lets return to the well’ Mcfuckaleese and Brian ‘give me a song’ Clowen,