The Information: World leaders’ salaries

THE 10 highest earning bosses at Ireland’s state and semi-state companies each earn more than US president, Barack Obama. … 00897.html

Does that include the rent on the White House and Camp David? :smiley:

So what?

From the radio this morning:

Dr Somers of NTMA - €980k
His UK equivalent with 10 times the volume - £140k
Entire board of the UK equivalent of NTMA < €980k

Fuck me over and over…

Yeah, what are we all complaining about? They all do such a fantastic job, especially over the last number of years. Why shouldn’t they become millionaires? Sure aren’t they worth it? They’re certainly Entitled to become millionaires. Entitlement is a big part of the package when you get to that level: … 51831.html

I for one feel privileged to be able to pay over my hard earned cash in order to provide theses giants of the public sector with their Entitlements. Sure who needs cervical cancer vaccinations? I’m a bloke for fuck sake!! 8DD

Thats the spirit. Your money would be far better spent ferrying the Minister for Fun around the place in a limo or renting hats for his wife.


With you around BH, the long winter evenings must just fly by.

Wouldn’t Cowan have been top of that chart a few months back when the dollar was weaker? around the time the media started staying his wage was higher than Obama’s

Mary McAleese has been fierce quie of late, anyone know what shes at.
Maybe shes gone back to the well as she is apt to do or gone visting Vanauattu

Seen as how you signed off on NAMA so fast any chance youd sign off the dissolution of the current govt and throw in your own resignation for that matter…

They certainly do, if you pay taxes in ireland

So that’s why bertie was after it - mustn’t be feeling confident on the horses for the next while.