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This is not on any news item and there is no link for it but I am satisfied as to the source of this information. Intel are to commence what is alleged to be up to circa 1500 redundancies in Kildare with an intial layoff of 350. I don’t know when it will be announced but I am satisfied that the information comes from a genuine source.

300 layoffs yesterday

and then today… … ec_appeal/

interesting timing

When did you hear the rest of the redundancies would take place? … 28839.html

If Intel Ireland does not get this new product line what does that mean for employment? I assume they will be left with out of date product lines the demand for which will rapidly decline.

I have an idea … lets send mary coughlan to win it for us !

Israel is demanding that Intel build more than the proposed facility if it goes through.

havnt heard anything from the Irish govt in regards Intel. shure ya got loads of 22 nanometers in a cinder block over thar.

Yes for jobs, i could have sworn that’s what the head of intel was saying during the lisbon referendum.

Easy mistake to make.

What he said was ‘Yes. 4 Jobs; thats what’ll remain in Ireland’.

As for the rest, are Intel really going to close down a plant that is in the EU and switch out of it?
Sounds tenous on those grounds.

All the construction contractors associated with Intel are waiting for the go ahead of the upgrade of Fab 14 (currently being decommissioned) because this is the last big project out there. If it doesn’t go ahead expect to hear of a number of them either go to the wall or pull out of Ireland as no work left for them. This will happen before before the slow bleed of jobs from Intel itself.

Pretty much - 22nm is likely the last chance for intel to remain with significant presence in ireland. Fab 10/14 is a relic at this stage, while even Fab 24 is two generations old.

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Blue Horseshoe

The best case scenario appears to be a significantly streamlined Intel operation, with bulk production going to China, and possibly retaining R&D and some higher order production.

The decision on the new 1270 technology is due shortly but I wouldn’t hold my breath while Sweary Mary is our Minister for Jobs

Top-end intel stuff isn’t going to china, not this decade anyway. The US government won’t allow it.

That said, there are cheaper places than ireland that they are allowed go.

The way Huawei “acquired” a lot of their IP from Cisco, I’m not sure if the work needs to go to China for the Chinese to benefit from it. A former Huawei employee I used to work with told me how if they had an issue with their (Huawei) equipment that they needed to resolve… they’d look up the Cisco website for the answer.

I used to work for a startup company that resided within an incubator unit in a college here in Ireland. When a visiting delegation from China arrived and were being shown around, we were warned to hide all our best stuff in case the idea would be copied and produced much cheaper there.

Rumour has it that the decision is going to Israel & that’s why the Intel CEO is there next week.

If this happens, my sources tell me it’ll mean another few hundred job losses when the older operations in Ireland roll down at the end of the year.

There was something about a decision due in March on a new plant in Jerusalem but I’ve lost track of it…

Yorkie…a lot of the stuff in Chinese institutes would be beyond anything in Ireland, you have a mistaken view of China, or are we going to launch a world class genomic institute or an astronaut anytime soon?

No what we were doing was quite mundane, but it was a nice niche product and we had no competitors at the time, and we feared that if we’d shown them what we had and the path we were going down, we might have a new competitor very quickly.

In the end though, our own management team who had a rodney trotter “this time next year we’ll be millionaires” attitude to them, made it irrelevant anyway.