The Irish Economy 'Is Crumbling' … is%2C_Euro

The global economy is crumbling.

The dudes at Davos more or less said so yesterday.

I say ireland should grab some balls, dump the Euro, get in bed with sterling and embrace the new era of collapsed global economies and massive protectionism and hyper inflation.

We can feed the UK, they can give us modern appliances.


But what about the 800 years of oppression? :angry:

It’s payback time.

We’ll wee in their milk.

so what?

I see ireland and the uk like Cain and Abel. Warring brothers.
We need them, they need us, they have industry, we have land.

I’m beginning to think the system is broken, we need to position(prepare) ourselves for a few years of deep uncertainty and global politiacal and economic turbulance.

Given a choice between a british potatoe or no potatoe, i know which one i’d chose.

The rumblings from Davos are worrying indeed.

Just let me know.

  1. do you plan to run for election and if so
  2. what party will you stand for.

I need to know so I can avoid this sort of insanity you’re preaching.

I’m starting to go off McWilliams.

He was a breath of fresh air in the boom days but some of his articles recently have been absurd.


His signal to noise ratio is decreasing exponentially.

Are they?

I love the cartoon on the front of the IT today. It neatly captures the lunacy of the last few years of Davos

Exactly. McWilliams lost the plot a good while ago.

He was one the main proponants of the bank guarantee scheme
He was one of the main proponants of the recapitalisation.
He is one of the main proponants of bailing out AIB & BOI by taking their bad debts onto the taxpayer.

McWilliams has become a dangerous lobbyist for the banking sector and a threat to our nations fiscal soundness.

So your in the “nothing to see here, move along please” camp?

Do you believe this is an economic Blip then? (you may be right)

The blip is getting blippier.

I’d say DMCW is having to morph and evolve rapidly, given the rapid degredation of the system.

As the looming shit storm gets fiercer, and larger, thus the proopsal for survival need to become more extreme.

If you guys think this Economic situation is the same as those in the last x years, i think your mistaken.
We will need different solutions and some of them will seem to be bizzare and extreme in respect of historic events.

Intresting times indeed.

I believe, the euro is indeed under real threat of collapse. can we make it on our own? no. so why not jump before the ship sinks.?

I think the context is more important not the messenger. I’d say energies focused on those who in power reneging on their responsibilities to lead and govern.

We got so bloated and lazy over the years, that we’re not even producing food for ourselves.
We import potatoes from Israel ffs. Crossing two oceans to buy spuds grown in a desert environment whislt we have the best land and climate for spuds in the World.
We can’t even get our spud economy right.

To be fair I wouldn’t castigate him too much.

  1. Nobody in the world knows what to do at the time of a crisis. All you can do is try your best. He was offering options, that is a very good thing.
  2. He makes his money by selling his writings. He is now considered a leader in thinking as he has been proven correct. His writings now are for the people who never saw this coming. For the rest of us he’s just like a pinster and is becoming a little tedious. But, let him earn a bit of money I think he deserves it.
  3. I do think his ideas are starting to become a little “off”. But I suppose that is down to finding new stuff to publish. There is a danger of course that the muppets in government would do what he says because they just have no idea what to do and are scared to death.

Not being cheeky here but why do you thing that? I would say the Euro is the exact opposite.

No. I’m in the camp who thinks your proposed solution to the economic fiasco we and the rest of the western world find ourselves in is insanity. Nothing to do with “nothing to see here”, more to do with, exiting the euro for sterling is not a solution to the problems we’ve got now. A bit of prudence and re-evaluation of our own social values would go a long way towards improving things. The UK has the same sick and broken attitude as ourselves and the only reason our currency isn’t in a worse state than there is because we haven’t got one.

I think personally that we should opt out of the Euro now too before we find ourselves in a position being ejected from it.