The Irish Economy: TV3 3 part series next Tues 11th @22:00

Hi All,

Karen Coleman has done a documentary on the Irish Economy which will air next Tuesday the 11th @ 22:00 on TV3
It will feature lots of stuff on property and the change in the economy, it should be a no-punches pulled show.

Is that Karen Coleman of Newstalk fame?

If so I doubt I will be tuning in - that girl’s head is a waste of a perfectly good vacuum.

No really man what do you mean, lay it on the line don’t be beating about the bush!


I’m willing to give her a chance. As we haven’t reached revulsion yet it could gain her a few enemies from the VI’s so fair dues for sticking the head out.
Disclaimer - If it’s crap I’ll be very disappointed and cranky next tuesday night. The last thing we need in this country is a softly softly approach.

Thats pretty harsh Geckko. I’ve always found her to be OK and I think the show might go further than many expect.

I think you should give her a chance, having met her what i can say is that her ethics are excellent and she isn’t out there to water down stories - this is the same woman who was a war reporter in former yugoslavia! The show will rise or fall on its own merit but i’ll be tuning in!

Alright, alright. But, I mean, if you can’t toss around some gratuitous usults on the Pin than where can you?:wink:

If she steers clear of offering her opinion, implicitly and explicitly she may pull it off.

But her radio performances suggest she doesn’t understand the subtle difference between fact and opinion.

Needless to say MB I am sure she has some quality expert contributions included.:wink:

Lets not shot the messenger.

Until we hear what have to say :angry:

The problem is, Ms Coleman isn’t a messenger. She is an agitating idealogue masquerading as a journalist.

hope that’s not heavy on the sarcasm! [not sure how i’ll be edited :wink:]

I’m not sure thats a bad thing. Couldn’t many pinsters be described the same way? It depends on the ideas being peddled I would say. And the previous posters think she may have changed her tune. Perhaps her ideas will be sensible?

Is she any relation to Marc?

Very harsh. Her heart is in the right place and her Sunday show is usually pretty good. Covers topics that nobody else seems to want to.

Her Sunday show is only “pretty good” if you share her political views, which tilt not only the topics she covers the guests she has on (and more importantly how she treats them and their contributions).

But Pinsters don’t have a radio programme described thus:

Pinsters, on the other hand are unashamedly partial, opinionated know-it-alls hiding under a warm blanket anonymity. :nin

KC is a journalist and documentary maker in the same sense that Michael Moore is. I have no problem with that. I think it self deception at best to pretend instead that you offer “intelligent, incisive analysis”

i’m willing to do a pinster-podcast, who else is up for it?

-you can go anon or real

In what context? As a public think thank on how the economy can be turned around? or on property?

Having listened to her radio show a few times I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that George Bush or the Israelis get the blame.

yeah, I really like her show, it is one of the very few radio programs that goes into detail about the stories she covers (usually its 3- 5 minute slots where all you get is rhetoric and obviousness)

Whe might want to think about updating the bio on her website

I would only take a small tweak:

“Since her return to Dublin in 1999, Karen has covered Ireland’s remarkable transition from economic stagnation to **global prosperity and back again”