The Irish Education system. Bork central


I’d assume it’s nature. They’re by nature a serious bunch. Whatever about the immigants, they have a very high level of social cohesion (on a national / civic level rather than a neighbourhood level). I’d put that down to their language, the climate, and their history, probably in that order.

Nothing to back that up, aside from being married to a Finn, and making regular trips over there.


That’s quite a lot to back it up with in 'pin terms :smiley:


I’d say it’s to do with emphasising civic responsibilities from an early age. I know nothing about Finland but that seems to be the case in other countries. The Irish “fuck your neighbour” attitude is sadly lacking there.


I’d say it’s more a “fuck the state” attitude here. I wouldn’t consider the Finns to be better-disposed to their neighbours (in general) than the Irish are (again, in general). Saunas with the neighbours notwithstanding, of course.


More grade inflation by the looks of it

Leaving Cert reforms will make it easier to pass higher level exams … -1.2189969


Agree completely. Part of Labour’s legacy to education.

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I suprised they didn’t make a pretend job like what happened to Eamon Gilmore’s missus. When her job got abolished she got a nice cushy number in the Department of Education


How come they were not made redundant (with a redundancy payout of course) as the role no longer exists?


Public servants cannot be made involuntarily redundant in Ireland.


Why not?


Because they can’t. Now stop asking stupid questions. :wink:


Job for life. Untouchables. Once your in, your in. Guaranteed employment

Get it yet!


Exactly. I’ve never managed to get a good explanation rooted in, you know, law and stuff.


‘Law and stuff’…are you mad, this is the Unions your dealing with.

All stems from the Brits…who else! They set the civil service up and to make sure they operated with some degree of independence towards running the country rather than pleasing their latest political bosses, it was decided to make them untouchables.
Of course that plan backfired and tens of thousands of lazy buggers have made a career off of it ever since


I saw this interesting data point in an IT article about a guy with cerebral palsy who failed the English language test for Australian citizenship…

So the Irish Educational system which so many locals think is wonderful cannot even teach the basics of the native language of 98% of the indigenous population. A pretty unique achievement in the modern western world.

Are Irish teachers still the best paid in the EU?


Because no government has chosen to do so. There is no legal impediment AFAIK.

In 2009 and 2010 unions were given the choice of pay cuts and some compulsory redundancy or bigger pay cuts and no compulsory redundancy. They chose latter. (There was some voluntary redundancy in HSE).

Unions prioritise job securityover all else (including pay security) and governments generally prefer industrial peace.

Different approach was taken in UK post-2010. No pay cuts but quite a bit of compulsory job losses.


If these people have no assigned duties that seems pretty crazy. Tipp IT is not all that old so you would imagine that these people are capable of doing something useful. In addition, the fact that they are above “an approved level of staffing" is pretty meaningless. The “approved staffing levels” are basically whatever the staffing was prior to the crash less a fairly arbitrary and cumulatively significant percentage. The ITs only just about still work within these arbitrary “approved levels of staffing” as the staff were forced to teach an extra module or two. This only happened in the ITs. This imposition is supposed to be temporary and is the subject of industrial action which started recently. If the forced extra modules are reversed then presumably the “approved level of staffing" will have to rise significantly and these people will be at a stroke no longer above “an approved level of staffing".

If they indeed have no work to do (and one can’t conclude that from them being above “an approved level of staffing"), they cannot be made redundant as the Govt won’t fund redundencies. They can be put on a transfer list but can only be taken by ITs which are below “an approved level of staffing". So there could be other ITs with work for these people (if indeed they have no work to do) but they would be precluded from taking them as they are also above “an approved level of staffing".

The phrase “above an approved level of staffing" covers a multitude and sounds great in newspaper articles. It is however pretty meaningless.


Ah come one, you will admit to that not being anywhere near the main reason for them still having their jobs :angry:


I suspect for the college management it is!