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I know what your saying. When I was in primary school myself I was initially in a convent run by nuns but then moved to another school. There was the one male teacher there that was all about sport and it’s safe to say he had a positive impact on a lot of the kids, including myself) from a physical activity perspective.


A few years ago I worked with a player on an inter-county panel. He was in his mid-20s. He said about a quarter of them were in ‘regular’ full-time employment - the rest were unemployed, dragging out the student life or in fact teachers.

PS: GAA is an awful sport to be training young people in. Almost no one participates after the age of 25, compared to something like swimming.


Minister for Education has ordered that schools allow generic uniforms for pupils instead of insisting it come from a named retailer.
Part of a new ‘cut costs for parents’ policy
Why could this not have been done years ago?


if you’e going to have badges /crests it probably has to be from 1 supplier. In my experience really cares about the logo-less pants/shirts.

Presumably they’ll make an exception for the fee paying schools - Ruari Quinn is probably lobbying furiously right now


Some schools insist on the crest etc, which can be only bought from X retailers at a high price. Of course the retailer gives no kickback to the school management decision-makers.


A step in the right direction…there’s a big benefit to the iron on or sew on crest in that it can be reused. You can always sell on damaged school jumpers with the crests still on or just move the crest to the new jumper. Saves people a lot of money.


I wonder if schools will start changing crests the way football teams change their strips? :nin


Of the 3,300 primaries in Ireland how many are private?

Is it even ten?


Will someone think of the guys who make boater hats in child sizes.


Why not do away with uniforms altogether and let them wear their normal clothes?



This is always the reason given but it’s bull IMO - French schools don’t have uniforms, most US schools, many of the Educate Together schools here too. I’m not aware that bullying is any worse in those schools than in schools with uniforms - kids will always find some way to cause trouble.


The savings argument is bogus.

As a teenager my parents used to buy ‘school shoes’ once a year that I always grew out of before they wore out.

It would have been more cost-effective to just let kids wear their regular shoes, etc.


But is that the norm for most secondary schools these days?


Right. And they make the children easier to track on outings.


#1103 … y-reading/

Okay, Emma O’Kelly does not appear to understand what “second to none” means, but nonetheless, a good news education story considering the study measures broadness of ability rather than just top level.


Sixth to none?

There is a lot of focus in primary schools now to improve basic skills and the STEN system identifies children or classes that require extra assistance. Hopefully it won’t result in added pressure on kids. Secondary school is a nightmare now compared to when I went through it in the 1830s.


‘Too many Irish teachers in Irish schools’ shocker. If this is what passes for academic research in our Universities, it’s no wonder they continue to tumble down the ranks

Primary teachers disproportionately white, Irish and Catholic
NUI Galway finds Irish-nationality teachers ‘significantly overrepresented’ … -1.3642624

And not a mention that the vast vast majority of teachers are women. You’ll note that the 2 female authors don’t mention that most obvious fact but such are the times we live in


In a country that has English as a first language and Irish as a second, what’s wrong with that!