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As I said, an amazing piece of research. I wonder did they get a grant from some of the usual culprits


A trainee teacher today would probably have been born some time in the mid to late 90s,when Ireland was still almost 100% “natives” so I would say that the demographics they cite are actually perfectly proportionate.


We know, so who is paying for this BS, and why ?

I expect to see more of this shite in the future, its strange that the people who produce this stuff refuse to notice all kinds of other disproportionate demographic representations

If I didn’t know better I would swear they had an agenda :unamused:


It’s very important that this stuff is opposed and not allowed gain traction as it has elsewhere.

As an aside I wonder what is the nationality of the majority of Irish Times journalists…and (assuming most are Irish) whether any of them are prepared to stand aside in the interest of diversity?

Indeed, given that Catholicism is the largest religion in Ireland, does the logic of their own diversity mantra thereby require that a significant number of practising Catholics be employed by the IT so as to ensure their workforce is representative of the broader population ?


Over the Irish Sea with get lesson in how DIVERSITY programmes for children can be taught in the classroom.


Hah. Tame. … 9886724096


Even the teachers’ unions want a study into the overwhelming gender imbalance among primary teachers and the growing imbalance among secondary teachers. … 4-Oct2016/

It is a Europe-wide phenomenon but, no, the Irish Research Council prefers to fund researchers in NUI Galway who have built their careers researching diversity without addressing this (male) elephant in the room. … inireland/

Years of publicly-funded research to tell us that Irish teachers are almost all white!!!

I see some work on socio-economic background which sounds very relevant - many teachers used to come from small farms but I suspect the training colleges are now almost exclusively middle-class. Nothing will be done about that either - first we must get “diversity”

This is not pure codology - places in teacher training will be reserved for those who are “diverse” (hint: not males)

The media will never challenge them but peer recognition will surely come - an Ignoble nomination can’t be far off!


Is it possible to find out who funded this ‘research’? That could tell a story

Was it this crowd who I see at the bottom of that NUIG page - Irish Research Council Research?


The High Court has thrown a spanner in the Leaving Cert/CAO works.

All the exam papers from almost 55,000 students have to be marked, collated and transmitted to students before the CAO can offer them college places which start in September. Now, a High Court judge says the appeals have to be considered and decided before final college places are allocated. His Lordship (with no sense of irony) was shocked by the idea that someone would have to wait over a month for a decision on their appeal.

This case concerns a simple error in totting up the marks - a common problem, it seems, and one which any self-respecting organisation should have tackled long ago -but it appears the judge is not limiting himself to those cases. He says he will hand down a written judgement - I can only guess at his reasoning.

In recognition of his visionary stance, he should be appointed Chair of the State Examinations Commission. :mrgreen: … -1.3643644


It’s easier to appeal against if they mark it wrong? :-GC


Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!





Seems there’ll be no appeal - Minister Bruton promises to fix the system which his Department spent four days defending in the High Court (or did the State Examinations Commission go on a solo run :blush: )

The system was creaking at the seams. UCD brought in a deadline of 30 September this year, to stop students joining a course later after they successfully appealed their results. How were the students supposed to catch up with over a month of missed lectures? … -1.3643905


Presumably the following is the ultimate destination of the type of kite-flying referenced above … … -qsd702gkd

‘No borders’ is code for no delineation in cultural terms and is cover for what Ive listened to a number of Indian and Pakistani muslims decsribe gleefully as ‘reverse colonisation’…


One way to get people to take up and defend Irish will be if Hindi is urged to replace it as more people speak Hindi.


Hindus in the UK generally tend to integrate to a large extent and also to outperform the indigenous population in educational (and professional) terms within a generation or two.

Its quite interesting to contrast their experience with that of the majority of their Muslim compatriots and cousins from north of the border who (as Ms Riaz points out in the quoted excerpt), are on the receiving end of Islamophic practice and policy that, presumably, restrict their societal advancement.

Im often struck by the manner in which Hinduphobia and Budhaphobia (or indeed Chinophobia, Vietphobia, Philipinophobia, Polishphobia or Brazilianphobia) have never really taken off to the same extent as the Islamic version…it (islamophobia) being one of the great evils of our time for which we should feel collective shame…


You generally need a war for a Phobia. If Britain were at war with India you’d soon see Hindiophobia. As it is the West and the Muslim world are at war and therefore you have Islamophobia. There was a great deal of Polishophobia/Euphobia following Brexit and that was just a war of words.


Now we have 300 students to be accommodated on courses, many of which began a month ago. … -1.3658623

Perhaps the real question is why we ration courses at all? There are enough third-level courses for all Leaving Cert students but there is intense competition for certain courses. Why not simply increase the places on popular courses?

There seem to be no problem with the students’ ability - there is practically zero failure rates in medical courses.

Imagine a world without the Leaving Cert points rat race?


Most diaspora Hindus are of the Brahmin caste.

Like Brahmins back in India, they tend to occupy elite positions in society.