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Thats all I got

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[*Irish Nationwide Chairman resigns * (


EDIT, it isnt Fingers, it is Michael Walsh, my bad.


About time


Take a sip of coffee Fingleton, because you’re next.


IF that is the case, IMHO, it places the spot light squarely on the board members.

Blue Horseshoe


A Dr Michael Walsh is his name.


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Meant Fingers, :cry:


removing Fingers might not be the best course of action. I get the impression that he might be the only one who knows all the risks.(an inoperable tumor type of situation)


What revelations on INBS are we going to get this week.


Indeed, will we be given the full whammy or just finger food?
Will it be thumbs up or thumbs down?
Will the Government adopt a hands off approach?

:nin 8)


Yay! Another one gone. Only another 100 or so crooks to get rid of.


Decision is being described as ‘unexpected’.


Dr Michael Walsh - close colleague of D Desmond Esq. I think he is executive director (was anyhow) of IIU, DD;s investment holding company.
He is also a ne director of Amarin Plc


Why did he resign?


Gutted, I thought it was “Fingers” who had finally been taken out.

Only a matter of time though.


Furious George looked Baffled George tonight - he seemed to say that there was a smoking gun bit then said there wasnt. I suspect he knows …


Does the mysterious reappearance of Michael Lynn have anything to do with it I wonder?

  • Prestige… Gone…

  • No real money for doing it…

  • Chance of being implicated in something shady? Mahoosive!


There is no incentive for a moderately reputable Irish or international business person to associate themselves at the Chairman or director level in Irish Banking.