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I don’t think this is correct. Fingleton’s tribunal encounter was with the Flood Tribunal nine years’ ago. … y40599.asp

Fingers had run-ins with both Honorable Justices because the Flood Tribunal became the Mahon Tribunal when Feargal Flood stood down and was replaced by Alan Mahon:

A bit of a different perspective from Colm Toibin: … 47345.html

Bear in mind that in this case Fingers gave a mortgage not to a future Booker-prize winner but to the editor of Magill. Fingers was generous to a lot of journalists and that helps explain his teflon factor.

Real fucking legend is our Fingers… they should rename the Vincent de Paul after him…!!! :unamused:

“St Fingers the Gall” :smiley:

How about Mac the knife,
The big dipper
Michael Million
Onus on de bonus


€4.4 bn in the UK, €2.7 bn in Ireland and just over €1 billion in European commercial property. What portion of this is buy to let?

And what proportion is actually let?

Jaysus thems big questions boys, “somebody ring fingers ders some bollox askin questions here”.

Toibin should be ashamed of himself. Elsewhere in that article he complains about how stagnant public discourse is in Ireland, yet he boasts about shaking the hand of one of the local architects of doom - ‘because he gave me a mortgage’. He didn’t ‘give’ you anything, Colm. He SOLD you a mortgage and got paid for it. And the very fact that he loaned money to people who probably didn’t deserve it is EXACTLY why we’re all in this mess now. Anyone feel grateful for THAT? God, it’s the worst sort of clientelism and precisely why Irish public debate rarely rises above a calculation of who owes what to whom.

in the very next paragraph:

can he not link the two?

He might like to start with a little introspection himself.

It seems a rather desperate attempt to become truly systemic by scale… … qqqx=1.asp

So we’re already at 15% impairment losses on the loan book, when the dust settles, we could be looking at somewhere in the region of €3bn of losses on INBS alone.