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I decided to put this in this thread rather than start a new one:

The front page stroy of today’s Sunday Mail says that Fingers had an affair with a fellow INBS Executive who was head of ‘compliance’ i.e. Regulatory Compliance!!!

The story states that INBS made a €200k settlement with the woman against a case of alleged sexual harrassment and bullying before the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

It is of public interest if the tax payer is in effect picking up the tab of this through recapitalisation whereas the INBS is itself insolvent.


Your banks are rife with these kinda big pay offs for bullying/affairs that went wrong/sexual harrassment, take your pick. It’s like desperate housewives with the taxpayer pickin up the tab.


"Fingers Gave One To Compliance " shock horror :nin


€200k… not a great settlement?

One thinks the Mail is flying a kite… again


Here’s the MoS story…


That name brings up this gem of a story which long predates any credit crunch :slight_smile:


It gets funnier :smiley:


Can he not picket Fingletons house instead ?
Perhaps ask for a bit of help, I hear fingers is a charitable chap.


Like it says in the article and the case is taken in 2002… Nothing inconsistent there…



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Fuck the law. After the Ryan report, the government completely disregarded it in seeking additional funds from the church, to the extent of threatening them with a referendum. Why is this not possible here?

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You have to laugh. How the fuck can Irish accounting standards allow a company to book income they’ve never actually received? How many other financial institutions have been at the same carry-on? Is everyone just so desensitized at this stage that they no longer care?


All of them dear boy (girl?). All of them.

The question should be why they haven’t had to restate previous years profits for the amounts that didn’t turn up? And why there is nobody having his bowler hat punched through and his lapels ripped off…


Assuming that article is correct, INBS were perfectly within their right to do what they did.


I’m sure most of them were at it alright but proportionally I doubt if the other banks were at it to the same extent as Fingers place.


I agree with you, looking at the balance of the loan book, but I think Anglo probably comes close and is bigger in absolute terms.


Burgess on The Late Debate reckons that INBS could need an additional €1.8bn


Goodness, that’s more than the amount he estimated it was worth three short years ago - from +1.6bn to -4.5bn… if you can credit any numbers the man comes up with. At least I admit all my figures are semi-random, pulled from my hole most of the time…