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Some good news. 80% debt restructuring on INBS notes: … 13.article


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Got 5 letters from Irish Nationwide this morning - addressed to me, the kids, the cat, etc. - telling us our Share accounts had been transfered to permanent tsb. They apologised they were unable to give advance notice…

They made sure to tell us

Alas - bye bye the dreams of a handy little number!
Must head on over to se what Brendan Burgess has to say… :smiley: :smiley:


Irish Nationwide staff facing redundancy after ILP transfer, Anglo employees safe (for now) - Paul Clarke -> … emId-31249


I’m told that INBS staff are been given 7 1/4 weeks per year of service. :unamused:


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Why is this scandal not headline news?

To summarise

(1) INBS had €146m of unguaranteed subordinated debt.
(2) The debt was redeemable between 2016-2018
(3) INBS made an offer to buy back the debt at 20c in the euro
(4) INBS paid over some €29m on Friday 25th March for the bonds
(5) INBS is a zombie and without €5.4bn from the taxpayer would not exist

If INBS had not spent €29m of our money last Friday then in all likelihood INBS would have been wound down by 2016 when the first bonds fell due. Because the bonds were not guaranteed and were subordinate, they would have received 0c in the euro.

INBS, which we 100% own, spent €29m of our money two days ago. Unless I am missing something it was a complete and utter waste. … 30311.html


Not for the bondholders. :nin


Yeah, kind of tired pointing this out too. The same was true for Anglo, BoI and AIB. Subordinate bondholders, who are not being paid coupon, have gotten the deal of the century.

What might be different in this case is that the 20% amounts to less than the effective coupon that would be paid over the wind-down period? As I understand it, only undated subordinate debt is barred from coupon payment, so the coupon on this would be paid over?


Hi Yogan,

Although I haven’t seen the INBS restructuring plan submitted at the end of Jan 2011, the noises from government suggest that INBS will be wound down in 2011 alongside Anglo.


Well, while it may be wound down, the ‘stuff’ of it probably won’t disappear. The legacy stuff will be transferred somewhere, I’m assuming both assets and debts. I suspect the medium term funding from the ECB will be used for this wind-down vehicle. No?


The INBS branch closures are set to begin on April 14th and end on May 17th. … edule.html


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The regulator knew, the regulator did nothing. This is always the way. And people think more regulation will stop future booms and busts?

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