The Irish Nationwide thread


Am pessimistic by nature but am suspecting this beez bad folks. Wipeout Wednesday? Hope not.


Maybe we need a real wipeout, force a government takeover of the big 2, get the bank fiasco out of the way and start moving forward.


Bound to be a shed load of further revelations re INBS…

Fingers will only leave INBS in a box. Accountability me hoop…


Times nearly up


What took him so long? There must be some serious shit coming down the line.

No windfalls anyway


It really is true about the Golden Circle, isn’t it? These cowboys all know one another, all socialise together, all drink in the same bars and restaurants, went to the same schools, act as directors for one anothers companies, most likely marry off their idiot offspring to one another etc. etc. etc.

Business, politics, builders, meeja. How many we talking altogether? Maybe 500 vermin parasites all told? Doubtless a few thousand assorted toadies, arselickers, sychphants, hangers-on and wannabe amateur wide-boys-on-the-make, but the ones with any real degree of influence on the Circle at all must be only a few hundred individuals.

CAB and the Fraud Squad should simply round the lot of them up in the morning, seize all assets and documentation for the State, and go through the books with an international team of forensic accountants.

Anyone actually innocent we can apologise and compensate later. The guilty? Seize their assets, jail them for 10 years and then (just for kicks) strip them of their citizenship and deport them. Send them out into the world disgraced, elderly, penniless, homeless, and Stateless. F***ers.

And if any of them surface a couple of years later living in a villa on money they salted away overseas, send in the Rangers and drag them back to the Joy.


Well, im sure the regulator will investigate thoroughly…


Imagine if it that’s true then what about the real Golden Circle?!?! 8)


So, what else has been in the news about golden circles. Oh yes, the celtic tenners. Ten individuals who bought a shareholding in Anglo with Anglo’s money. Allegedly with 25% as recourse initially until the bank guarantee scheme when the loan terms were changed.

2 + 2 may or may not equal four. It depends on the terms and conditions…

edit: watch out for another nine ‘unexpected’ resignations. They will be over the next few days if this is the reason so that they will be out of the way before the ministers and the Taoiseach have to find out who the names are…


We are in conspiracy theory mode so I’ll have a stab at it too -

Dr Walsh has jumped ship because he does’nt want to go down with it. He may be innocent of any wrongdoing but has found out about something that he is not very happy about.

Just a theory.


…and for all we know they could be tearing shreads off each other behind the scenes, although its odd he has not released a statement. Not good PR.


Your theory has a more likely ring to it than mine. I like mine better, though :mrgreen:


While Im not trying to excuse any wrong doings that have occured in some banks - surey the notion of looking after ‘your own’, which you deplore, is an innate human characteristic.

No more than you look after friends and family first, neighbours and work colleagues second and so on.

This intimacy amongst people will always exsist to some degree.


The latest craze is to turn up working in the Regulator’s office, once the ‘gardening leave’ is up. :nin


Running a cartel is not ‘looking after your own’. Aside from the legal aspect there is the unprofessional aspect of ripping off your own company, your company owners, the general public, the state, and chummying it up with the opposition.



So rampant corruption, thievery, the deliberate selling of an entire generation into decades of debt and negative equity, and the bankrupting of the nation.

Ah but shure what can ye do, shure isn’t that just the way of things, shure keep the auld head down, these things happen, don’t be rocking the boat.


Wouldnt say thats how things started out for any 1 of the individuals involved. Power corrupts…yad yada…

And I agree that much of what your saying is true. But many of these relationships have probably been formed on the slow burner for anything from ten to fifteen years or longer - so wreckless their collective actions were - they eventaully arrive at a point where they feel they can rely or ‘trust’ each other to help themselves out of a very fuckin large hole.

Knew I always wanted to study psychology! Think ive gone off the tracks regards topic.


Hmmmm. A small elite class, entrenched in their positions of power and to a large degree insulated from Reality, gets more and more corrupted and more and more prone to backslapping groupthink, and they start to believe their own delusional propaganda as the decades go by? And there is nobody to shout Stop! (at least, nobody with the power to compel their attention)

The psychology of all this is fascinating alright!

I still think it’s far too kind an explanation though. At least some of the most influential members of the Circle over those 15 years were out-and-out complete criminal gangsters.


+1 Sidewinder.

The boom hasn’t been going for long enough that these relationships could be anything more than relatively new and temporary for economic benefit. This is not to say that there hasn’t been corruption before, just that the scale of the greed changed sometime about the turn of the century, when it looked like the trough would always be full.


If he is innocent he wasn’t doing his job. If he had integrity the time to jump was the point at which the Anglo/INBS loan became public. I am a bit confused by the timing of this resignation and I think it may mean that there is something else coming down the tracks. INBS has always been suspected as being the other sump (with Anglo) in this septic system perhaps we are getting close to some kind of resolution.

BTW there was a lot of talk about integrity in regard to PTSB - remember that the P part of that was Irish Permanent - another organisation with a corrupt core run as a personal fiefdom by Edmund Farrell - There seems to be a thread here - Farell, Fitzpatrick, Fingleton - all of em start with F - same as F****rs.