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INBS reports €3.3 billion net loss

When NAMA eventually offloads these loans/properties, I wonder what the true cost of Irish Nationwide’s folly will be to the taxpayer.


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Where is the perp walk? For all its very many faults, the US Justice system at least generally ensures all are equal before the law.

Fingers is sitting on tens of millions while being personally responsible for the loss of billions.

What about his involvement with the likes of McCreevey who got a 107% loan of €1.6 million to buy a trophy apartment in the K Club?


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Shocked, shocked I tell you.

As a rarity, Mr. Burgess has it right:

Astonished to see INBS described as sub-prime. “There is no sub-prime in Ireland” remember?

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If they’d any balls (and if Fingers has any money left) they’d be suing him for breach of fiduciary duty, not asking him to give back his watch and bonus pretty please.


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Now they are in government, I have no doubt Joan Burton and her Labour colleagues will be insisting Mr. Aynsley take action on behalf of their beleaguered shareholders…just in case she needs reminding…

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but Joan Burton has no responsibility in goverment for corporate oversight. As I recall it was reported that she was less than happy about this fact. What do you think she should do? Maybe a coup? I think Noonan or Howlin would be better targets in this instance.

Agreed that that’s dreadful re the civil action limitations, if the report is true.


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So that’s €1,021,150 due, of course, then there is the pension

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It’s obvious now the f$ckers realised the game was up in 2007 and started putting on the life jackets.

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