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Fingleton reassured state everything was fine during his watch - Matt Cooper -> … 63225.html

So why did Liam O’Reilly not pursue this and other matters about Fingleton?


Maybe Fingers gave him one of his preferential 100% mortgages


In fairness to BB (and not overlooking some of his other foibles) this was good work on this part. When somebody comes in for such a hard time on this forum it’s a pleasant surprise to be able to commend them for something instead.


Empty hotel costs taxpayer €1m a year - Richard Curran -> … 58326.html

Fingleton’s five-star follies - Richard Curran -> … 58293.html


Anglo contacts buyer of Fingleton watch -> … 88547.html


Anglo to probe INBS mortgages - Emmet Oliver -> … 56100.html


and don’t forget soft loans to journalists -> … 47345.html

I exposed Fingleton’s financial freak show – but the authorities did nothing - Bill Tyson -> … 50796.html


Michael Fingleton ran INBS like a 'personal bank’

Nothing we don’t already know.
Just added this as a matter of record.


Because this is Ireland, you have to include the low farce portion of the tribunal’s day:


A tennis court perhaps ?

#411 … 82509.html



Fingleton: bank queries €88,000 of ‘suspect expenses’ at Nationwide - SIMON CARSWELL -> … 01942.html

Anglo turns up the heat in quest to recover cash from Fingleton - Simon Carswell -> … 98867.html


It really was a piggybank, wasn’t it?


It’s mind boggling…it just demonstrates the sort of sociopaths who ran our financial institutions…of course the personnel issue has all been sorted now


We need to stop looking to get money back off these people. This is embezzlement. Anglo needs to call in the Guards.

Today’s Indo contains a similar case of a more blue collar variety. I see no difference between the 2 other than the fact that this guy is in front of a judge. … 92358.html



Getting away with it is possible for the bastard.

Privately, many Irish admire a good auld stroke.


the only ‘Stroke’ i’d applaud right now…


If he was getting these kind of expenses, why doesn’t revenue audit his ass?