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Anglo asked Fingleton to repay €1m bonus ->

Still waiting…

Noonan pushes for repayment of Fingleton’s Irish Nationwide bonus -> … 0-Sep2011/


Fingleton pension company makes loss - Colm Keena -> … 48560.html

#423 … ing47.html


Fingleton rejects banking claims - Kitty Holland -> … ing47.html

personal bank, really…?

McCreevy was given €1.6m loan by Fingleton -> … 84611.html


Martin demands publication of Irish Nationwide report - -> … 32178.html


Why didn’t he fucking publish it then?


Opposition: Publish Nationwide report now - Shaun Connolly -> … 79482.html


Fingers moved his money offshore immediately after a court judgment against him: … 95793.html


:laughing: Attempts at intimidation…


I think this shows exactly how “lite touch” our Anti Money Laundering regulations and enforcement are, and how they stack up against Montenegro’s.

Considering we have over 1000 qualified accountants churned out every year, we can’t seem to deploy them more effectively than 400 quid an hour to manage credit unions.

Its becoming more and more obvious that the only mistake the elites are making is moving themselves and their cash out of the country (aside maybe from the usual offshore hot spots which have dark secrecy laws)

Ireland is no nearer to becoming accountable for money laundering then when we opened the doors in the IFSC haven. We did this to get our hands on service fees that dirty money would bring. And in time we will close the doors when we realise the same lack of enforcement is leading to massive flight of money with is rightfully ours (via the banks). This will be another clear case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.


Did he really say “respectively” and “blatent”?

Did he really capitalise libel and lawyers?


… and ‘perpretated’?


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Appleby’s successor will need to be more proactive with investigations - Matt Cooper - … 82413.html

The “regulator” under Liam O’Reilly knew about the fiction of the loan approvals years before it became public, they sent a letter and sat on their hands.


Warnings over Fingleton’s toxic €5bn Nationwide fatally ignored - Tom Lyons -> … 24276.html

It took them until 2006 to spot this? Like hell it did, this sounds like a CYA exercise. Lets see what they do in Britain

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