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I get the impression the government are simply waiting for Fingleton (and FitzPatrick) to die rather than risk having politicians, ex-senior civil servants and certain people within the various golden circles dragged into the daylight.


The IBRC lawyers are busy these days:


With everything that has happened you do get fatigued from all the muppetry, but this article is breathtaking … 66049.html

But shure we all stay at 5 star hotels in another country and charge it to our former employer, AND THEY PAY IT, dont we?

Almost 50% losses. And the smarmy cunt who ran it (into the ground) took a million bonus and a gold watch before he fucked off.


Without wishing to defend Fingers, the fact that the mighty resources of state are being put into gear to attempt to enforce payback of a paltry €1m plus sundry expenses sounds like more stage managing to deflect from bigger issues like the nationalisation of ILP, the Tribunal and AIB’s role in it, the household charge, etc.


Red-light report on Fingleton’s reckless lending was just ignored - Tom Lyons -> … 67648.html


Lowry and Fingleton had many dealings - Colm Keena -> … 04094.html

Welcome to Lowryland -> … 39183.html


Nationwide was ‘not taking punt’ as bubble burst - Tom Lyons -> … 05701.html


2 Fingers -> … ?aid=11290

Planet Lowry -> … ?aid=11346



Coco Pops half price, wow, thanks for sharing…

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The last paragraph is pretty sensational stuff and should be in the Dead Lenihan thread…


Isle of Man bank allows £1m against money owed by ex-chief - John Mulligan -> … 33247.html


Nationwide’s ‘soft’ loan to Hogan - Tom Lyons and Daniel McConnell -> … 61567.html


New pressure on bank watchdog to publish details on Irish Nationwide - Donal O’Donovan -> … 61892.html

Banks a Mill, Pal: Fingers saves buddy €60m…but we’ll pay tab - Nicolla Tallant -> … ?aid=12077

Here is the video -> … Scully.flv winamp] or flv player will allow you to view


Exactly why should we take Fingers word for it ? His track record on truth-telling isn’t exactly inspiring; I’m still waiting for him to return the money he said he’d return to the State !

My mate the bank manager might tell head office that my mortgage is non-recourse; but it shouldn’t matter a shite unless it says it in the contract. What the contract says, is what the contract is; it matters not how the parties involved ‘remember’ it, else why have a shaggin contract ? :imp:


I just read a Sunday World article.

I feel soiled. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because the contract is a physical document. You can take Fingers word that it’s non-recourse because no doubt he knows where that document is and what it contains. That’s all I’m saying.


Nationwide’s boss may face €500k sanction - Tom Lyons -> … 68493.html


The ODCE is on its teabreak…


Priory Hall developers got €30m Irish Nationwide loan - Dearbhail McDonald -> … 73482.html