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Ex-Irish Nationwide staff give witness statements in reckless loans inquiry - Simon Carswell -> … 97651.html

Top banker puts himself first in queue for repayment - Donal O’Donovan -> … 01659.html


Services firm Certus hired to collect former Irish Nationwide mortgage debt - Simon Carswell -> … 60543.html


Oops! Hogan lost €100k on ‘fire sale’ of D4 home to Fine Gael’s Chief Whip - Warren Swords -> … -Whip.html


this should be split into a different thread on the conflict of interest around Mr Hogan

who is going to make up this shortfall.


I’m afraid Mr. Hogan is already minister. The talent and morality shortfall is embedded in the system.


but it doesn’t have to be. revolutions have happened before.


Fingleton inquiry must try to get inside inner circle - if possible - Simon Carswell -> … 37616.html


Socialite plans action against Nationwide over €2m loan - Tom Lyons -> … 12078.html


Former Irish Nationwide manager Brendan Beggan loses dismissal claim -> … eggan-eat/


a few more stories emerging on how Fingers expenses were racked up … 60269.html

"Expenses incurred by Mr Fingleton included the Dorchester Hotel bill; €14,700 on two dozen bottles of wine; €6,000 for an antique fruit basket as a wedding gift for a developer’s daughter; €25,000 for 72 bottles of Cristal champagne; and six rugby season tickets at a cost of €6,600, which he asked the IRFU to send to his home address just prior to his resignation. "

the more you have, the more you want


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Swish Fingers spent €6k on fruit basket -> … asket.html

Irish Nationwide management structure was ‘highly unusual’ - report -> … de-report/

Liquidators to pursue Fingleton for €1m bonus and €70,000 perks -> … 60269.html


On last nights show, there was one lines that Tom Lyons said that the biggest borrowers from Irish Nationwide would insulate themselves from the risk of the downside because they were borrowing from a ‘society’. the RBS managed to get paid first on a bankruptcy.

I have no idea how this could be unless Fingers was lending vast sums to be 2nd or third down the pecking order in a bankruptcy.


Yes, this is exactly how - the recourse was only to the project. No pledged assets, no personal guarantees. A fucking shambles.

The reason there is not much being said is because what’s to say? Excellent program, properly balanced (there is no counterstory), but not news to any on here. INBS looted from within? You don’t say.



Concise, balanced, insightful. Little new info for the average pinster. But a great show for those puzzled about the banking losses we’ve been saddled with.


One patsy keeps cropping up again and again. A fat man with a fondness for the gargle…


The big ignorant fucker from Offaly?


Nice bit of Devo sneaked into the soundtrack too. Someone in post-production has very good taste 8DD

Disapointed not to hear some more analysis re: AGMs and if there was any kind of dissent from the floor at the same from ordinary members/shareholders- did NOBODY dare speak out? Surely there had to have been one or two lonely loonies crying ‘stop the madness’ :neutral_face:


The members had other things on their minds.


Ah yes the carpet baggers. One has to wonder why Landsbanki got cold feet, did even they baulk at the lack of documentation?