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Indeed and the self-appointed watchdogs of society failed to bark about that particular thief.


Thanks Grumpy. Warmed the cockles of me heart that thread did. Restored my faith in the ordinary dacent patriots that walk among us. The last post sums it all up so neatly.


The IBRC bank accounts have been suspended once the banking licence went on Thursday. But they’re so incompetant that they never thought about how the Irish nationwide mortgage book was going to be repaid.

Talk about disorganised. … -payments/


Anyone got copies of old annual reports they could upload? All gone from the internet (and thats a 15 page google search).

Anglo’s will be gone shortly but have copies of all of those.


Project Harmony 2007
Source: KPMG

Development of top 30 exposures Dec. 2006   €m

 1. Ballmore Properties Ltd			         265.6
 2. Galliard Homes				               252.5
 3. Gary & Alan Landesberg			          238.5
 4. David & Elliot Rosenberg			        238.0
 5. O'Flynn Construction			            230.2
 6. Roadnumber Ltd.				              230
 7. Deedchoice Ltd.				              204
 8. Hugh O'Reagan				                193
 9. O'Mahony / McFeely				           186.2
10. Sager House Hampstead Ltd.			     177.7
11. Ledgerite Ltd.				              171.5
12. Bond & Bond Jersey Ltd.			        164.9
13. Safehaven Homes Ltd.			           158.4
14. Devondale Ltd.				              156.5
15. Colpy Ltd.					               147.2
16. NM Mellon					                145
17. The Gateway (Leeds) Ltd.			       141.5
18. G. Gannon					                137.4
19. Sellar Properties Ashton Ltd. 		    136.9
20. Orro Ltd.					                133.5
21. S. Dunne					                 131.5
22. S. Kelly					                 130.8
23. Alastair Jackson				            130.7
24. Claredon Properties Ltd.			       129.9
25. Heron International				         128.8
26. Cinema Holdings Ltd.			           122.6
27. Northern Way Properties Ltd. 		     112.9
28. Frogmore Property Co (Leeds) Ltd. 		111.7
29. Albion Properties		 		           94.7
30. Bernard Costello / Anoa Developments	  91.3

Total:                                     4893.4



The program quoted a few London/outside London developments and schemes that have been written down by about 55-70%.

But London property values are not fallen by 55-70%, and the british banks have not written down their books at those sorts of levels. I find this bizarre and if I don tin foil headgear, somewhat sinister.


Unfortunately the links for INBS are dead.


What about the relationship between Fingleton, Michael Smurfit, the K-Club and the loans that he gave people to buy houses there?


No wonder the Ernst & Young report is being buried, NOBODY comes out good in the whole thing and if they touch him it could set off a chain of events that blows the whole Anglo fiasco wide open, because the people he would try bring down with him all had a hand in that. I’m surprised they let him live this long, but I assume the real money men received the bailout funds are are safe so they don’t care too much and the political establishment is trying to figure out how to limit the damage to themselves.

#491 … 08597.html

#492 … t-in-full/


Interesting about how Dermot Desmond’s employees were so close to INBS and so very close to Anglo and he threw a hissy fit about corporate governance in BOI. Of course, not a big property guy, apart from the odd airport. No connections of course.

Obligitory and sincere:


Airport money nothing to see there, move along.


I definitely formed the impression that the man is a chancer, he’s obviously trying to put as much distance between himself and Fingers as possible, and at the time clearly had no problem like the others continuing to sit on the board as made men while drawing their remuneration even though he admits the expected conduct of a board was NOT being followed. There were alarm bells going off all over the place with regard to INBS for many years and everyone involved simply covered them with a pillow and went back to sleep.


I cant watch this in Oz for some reason :neutral_face:


Not available in Russia either.


RTE use geo-blocking so they can restrict access to IP ranges used by internet service providers based in Ireland. For people outside Ireland, I’m not sure if this still works.

Regular followers of this thread won’t learn much new from the RTE program.


Michael Fingleton’s expense claims are despicable – but they are tip of the iceberg - Nick Leeson -> … 7-Oct2011/
October 2011


RTE feature on Irish Nationwide Building Society -> … g-society/

Roadnumber Limited changed to Millharbour Developments Ltd. - viewtopic.php?t=36431&p=484733