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Con Power, former non-executive director of INBS, interviewed by George Lee on Radio 1 this morning. Gave him a hard time about his role as Director. Power was very defensive about it (how can you defend the indefensable?).

I’m sure I’m missing something here, but I have a sense that there is less baying for blood from Fingleton than there is from Seanie Fitz. Seanie has been charged, but not a word about Fingleton. WHY is this anyone? Are the shennigans in INBS any different - or worse - than what went on in Anglo?


The regulation of INBS was so loose and as a mutual it was ‘owned’ by its members and it is not clear that Fingers concealed anything that it may be difficult to pin anything on him. FitzPatrick (capital Pee) was foolish enough to conceal director’s loans and materially break the law. Fingers robbed in plain sight and nobody who saw what was going on should be surprised by how it ended up.

I notice Power’s defence, in part, is that he left in 2006 - to my mind that it leaving once the horse has bolted, but before the empty stable with the open door has been discovered. The wheels were already off the wagon at that point to such a degree that even the Icelandic banks were not tempted.


Fingleton facing civil action to return bonus


its a sad indictment of this messed up country that an accountant is the only one with the cajones to take on the self-proclaimed elite.

The regulators, the politicians, the gardai, all too afraid to do anything.


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