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What do you mean “again”? Might’ve bought an Evening Herdald once or twice in pre-tabloid form thirty-five years ago, but I don’t think I’ve been tempted since. I thought I was being clever opening the odd Irish Times article in “new private window” to get around the paywall … until I realised I don’t exceed the ten article weekly limit anyway. The question is why anyone ever bought a paper in Ireland. They long ago lost any remaining utility with the invention of the kerosene impregnated firelighter.


Fingleton to tell inquiry INBS did not require bailout - -> … -1.2331235

and back in 1997


‘Fingers’ Fingleton has €30m pension and no regrets - -> … -1.2338022


If I had a €30 million pension I’d probably have no regrets either.


Michael Fingleton action to stop Central Bank inquiry opens - -> … -1.2415987
Nov 4, 2015


Fingleton loses at High Court… … igh-court/


High Court agrees to postpone order for Michael Fingleton’s €500k costs - -> … 15734.html


Michael Fingleton allowed £10m loan increase without approval - banking inquiry - -> … -1.2514212


Fingleton launches appeal against High Court ruling - -> … rt-ruling/
February 28, 2016


Purcell could lay bare secret IBRC deal - -> … ibrc-deal/

Ex-INBS directors paid ‘ball of money’ to settle case - -> … -1.2600920

Interesting, Who retired from the central bank then . . .


So somebody had to tell the directors of the largest private property investment company in the state that there was a property bubble and it couldn’t continue indefinitely? What were his qualifications? Top chap? Friend of the boss? Mouth shut and rubber stamp?

Norman Stanley Fletcher…


I see Walls are renovating the INBS HQ (formerly Carrolls Cigarettes) at 2 Grand Parade. The owners applied for and were granted an exemption from planning permission in March. The building is listed/heritage.


Inquiry into INBS can go ahead, court rules - -> … 24495.html

Former INBS director loses bid to stop Central Bank inquiry - -> … -1.2738868


“Burden” on the ex secretary and financial controller eh ?
I’m sure he was obliged to document all material decisions so where’s the burden John? The files are there aren’t they ? :laughing:


John Stanley Purcell

If I see him and recognize him I’ll remind him of his not disproportionate burden.


New tenant it’s Amazon,I guess that makes it Prime real estate.


It’s a short term let to Amazon… … -1.2650866


UK group secures €22m profit on Irish Nationwide’s Dublin HQ - -> … -1.2868886


Inquiry into INBS bosses to go public -[paywall] -> … -2sqlzr25b


Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat
Please put a penny in the old man’s hat
If you haven’t got a penny, a ha’penny will do
If you haven’t got a ha’penny, tough shit - the taxpayer only bails out rich f*ckers