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Central Bank’s INBS inquiry panel can claim €750 per day - Ciarán Hancock -> … -1.2897108

Lone Star warns investors of INBS mortgage warranty risks - Joe Brennan, Ciarán Hancock -> … -1.2903053


Judicial endorsement of Central Bank inquiries - -> … 179b92742c


State to get €280m from IBRC liquidators - Cliff Taylor -> … -1.2904189
Dec 13, 2016

Lone Star to refinance restructured mortgages in bond market - -> … -1.3002935


Irish Nationwide inquiry re-opens today, 11/12/2017.


Michael Fingleton is 79 years old and has not seen the inside of a jail cell.


Fingleton appears at Irish Nationwide enquiry - Gretchen Friemann -> … 97562.html

‘No evidence’ against ex-INBS chairman Walsh - Gretchen Friemann -> … 05968.html


INBS inquiry delayed due to ex-boss Fingleton’s ill health - -> … 43428.html

The clock is being run down, easily predicable.


Be interesting to see if many of these sales get going, and who buys them.


No Freedom of Movement here pre Brexit.


Quite the double act this.


Fingleton, who must be absolutely minted and who at one stage was claiming to be too ill to even attend any enquiry into INBS, is representing himself!!!


So the defense is that because the police are incompetent you should be able to break the rules. Am I missing something ?


Just find it interesting that this is one of the first people? from the Regulator or Department of Finance in court to explain what happened. Yet it is barely in the public discourse. He was just highlighting that they knew everything that was going on, so were complicit in these strategies to a degree. Frankfurt knew everything also, as did the bond holders.


The least surprising, most infuriating news this Christmas. 10 years since Fingers retired, this “investigation” was just treading water. Sooner or later. he would have health problems and the circus could pack up and leave.

The only ones to go to jail for our systemic banking collapse are the bunch from Anglo, not including Seanie, and they were convicted of trying to solve the problems.

“The inquiry members are further satisfied that to require him to participate in any way would be a failure to vindicate Mr Fingleton’s right to dignity under the Constitution and under the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights).”

We should all have a right to a €30 M. pension pot!


The show goes on.

Months are spent deciding whether to stop a case which started 9 years ago.

A good response from the judge to the argument that Fingleton could not defend himself

“the actions of a properly run financial institution of this size should not require extensive explanations derived from the memory of one individual” no matter how prominent a position they occupied.