The Irish Newspaper Industry


How, how could they possibly get the green light for that!!!


The acquisition of Landmark by the IT is the right move and required. Landmark Media Investments, wno own the Examiner, are on their last legs. Circulation is down 66%+ from peak, advertising revenue has collapsed and they are struggling under high debt. They either went to the wall or gained part of the bigger more viable media group. The CCPC made the right decision. Hopefully the BAI and government also do.


Given that the total readership for Irish newspapers is heading towards two men and a dog, I’m not sure it makes much difference one way or another.


Wonder if they will merge some functions - ad sales and print, for a start. But what about newsrooms? Would the Examiner just become the Irish Times with a Munster accent?


Stephen Rae out @IMN

Wonder if he’ll stay on at the EU High Level Group on Fake News
Ming Flanagan is already asking parliamentary questions in the European Parliament since the ODCE raid. It would be a bit weird if he stayed on the fake news group without having any other standing.


Fianna Fáil proposes State funding for newspapers … s-funding/


Following the pre-internet herd to the grave.

I reckon what’s left of FF after the next election will split. There’s no way the soldiers of destiny would accept being the established coalition prop.


Irish ABC Newspaper Circulation January-June 2018 … -june-2018


Independent is a [*different look from today * (




I think polishing a turd is the appropraite phrase.


No. The right phrase is: “Welcoming a True American”


The Irish Times managed to replace all of its print losses with digital subscribers. I have no idea if these are more or less profitable.

It’s a complete horrorshow for the Indo and Examiner.

In five years I would say the print version of the IT will still exist with the Examiner being rolled into its ‘Munster’ edition. A combined IT&Examiner will probably survive in digital format, probably with a slightly tighter paywall.

The Indo is rapidly heading for freesheet status as its older buyers die off. It takes about 10 minutes to read whenever I pick up a free copy in a pub or hotel. The Times Ireland and Irish Daily Mail actually break more stories than the Indo does these days.


Full page 23 of today’s Irish Sunday Mirror
says, go to


Presumably one print customers per year is €13.2 per week by 52 weeks which is nearly €700. A digital subscription can be got for as ‘little’ as €150.


The marginal cost of a digital subscriber is close to zero.

Meanwhile print readers need a big chunk of paper at thir newsagent by 7am every day. Some of printing and distribution is fixed cost but a lot is variable.

On the other hand advertsers pay more for paper space than digital space.

VAT is higher on digital subscriptions than physical copies.

Hence why I think estimates of profitability are guesswork.


INM to stop press and let Irish Times take over printing
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> Media group in advanced talks that would mean closing its Citywest plant

Independent News & Media (INM), which last week confirmed that it had been the subject of a preliminary takeover approach, is in advanced talks with The Irish Times on the contracting out of the printing of its regional and national newspapers.

It is understood that the two media groups have held extensive talks on the landmark plan, dubbed Project Gemini, and the terms of an agreement are currently being finalised. It is understood that INM has pencilled in savings of several million euros from the move, which would involve the closure of its Citywest printing plant.


Irish Times already print Examiners papers. Will they be the only major printer left?



Bit late posting this from a few months ago

The Sunday market fell by -9.3% and the morning market by -10.1%. A double-digit decline in the total market had not been experienced before, the closest being a 9.4% decline in 2010.