The Irish Newspaper Industry


Both and have redirected me today to a site called:
dl. browsersafeupdate .somethingorother
which claims to have a security update for firefox (including firefox logo) and insists that I install the update.
Really effing annoying.


Not (quite) an Irish Newspaper, but paywalls are falling.

I think that the Sun lead the trend to paywalling and expected the others to follow only to find themselves out on their own.


A Londis I pass through occasionally has replaced its newspaper rack/shelf with a coffee station just inside the door. Newspapers are available somewhere less prominent I think but still an important step IMHO


The failure of The Sun paywall is a further indication that people will only pay for very high quality content (FT, WSJ, Economist etc) online.

The future of the tabloids is bleak. Newspaper circulation is in structural decline, paywalls won’t work, advertising is in decline and a free online news model is a proven commercial failure with only a few global mass-market exceptions such as Mail Online.

Yeah, I have noticed that a lot of convenience stores are reducing shelf space to newspapers.


I always thought that the Sun paywall was the maddest of all.

What’s in the Sun? Celebrity gossip that you can get free anywhere (if your start page is MSN on IE, it’s the first thing you see), a brief round up of current British big news stories that you could get off the BBC, even if all the broadsheets were behind paywalls, Irish ones for the Irish edition from RTE, sports news: ditto and finally, a few breasts.
Does it have any big name columnists? It certainly doesn’t have any serious investigative journalism or expensive sectoral analysis. Where’s the premium content for people to buy?

Back in 1980, the breasts were probably a USP, but now?

When I first heard about the paywall, I thought Murdoch and co. were crazy. Paying for the Times, maybe, just maybe, but the Sun? :open_mouth: :unamused:

Edit: Fungus made the same point while I was writing. I’ll pay an Economist subscription. If I had different sociopolitical views, I’d pay for a similar quality publication with a different perspective. I don’t think I’d pay a subscription for a broadsheet, maybe micropayments for odd articles. Tabloids? Not a hope.


How else would you get access to boobs on the Internet?


:laughing: :laughing:


Can someone give me a refresher on reading FT articles when I’ve gone above the monthly limit (which annoyingly they haven’t yet reset for November)? Tried chrome incognito headline search but no joy


I think the FT have a less leaky paywall that others - like the Irish Times (I’ve an FT sub so hard to tell …)

for the latter use Cookie Blocker - Chrome Extension


Get the article title, surround with quotes for exact match, and Google it. The link from the Google results will work even if a direct link won’t.


like all good things that comes to an end too (I thought?)


Nope, was just using it today for some oil price stuff, just Google the headline you want and click it.


For whatever reason the IT paywall never kicks in when I am using safari on an iphone.


It does for me, but it’s a separate counter to your 10 articles on your other devices.


INM announces winding down of coupon business GrabOne … 83485.html


I see Anne Harris, former editor of the Sindo before Redacted moved her on, wrote an opinion piece in the Times today as Una Mullaly is on leave.
It was all about women not getting a chance in fields such as Engineering, Acting or as Playwrights. She bemoaned the fact that so few women are presented in so many industries.

If only she had ever bring in a position of power to try and bring in quotas in even her own organisation…oh wait, she was!


I wonder how one goes about getting into engineering?

I thought that was usually glossed over along with Primary Teaching etc


I understand there’s quite a skew in the numbers in law towards women now. Not sure why but it just goes to show it can happen fairly quickly.


And Accounting is gone majority women.

So when do the quotas start for Accounting, School Teachers, Law etc!!! Got to get a level playing field for the men


removing rote learning from schools will address the imbalance.

why is maeve binchy a prescribed text for the leaving cert when there are no books that appeal to teenage boys?

women in science will reel off the anatomy of a kidney cell at will then fire up COMSOL to add up 1 and 1 together!