The Irish Newspaper Industry


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Economist: Many publishers still see little alternative to continual cutbacks … st-paywall


I hadn’t realised that Michael Noonan had reduced the VAT rate on newspapers from 13.5% to 9% back in 2011 when the Hospitality VAT rate was reduced. Anyone know why he did that?


I recently read a study of the 2011 VAT rate cut and across all sectors it cost us €350 million per annum. Of course it helped save some low paying jobs but it sure cost a lot of money. And 5 years later it still does.

Namawinelake recently tweeted asking why the Newspaper VAT cut hasn’t been reversed given that the sector is now profitable again, which is a fair point.

Also worth noting that in a study of the VAT rate cuts the Newspaper sector appeared to be the one where there actually was a pass through to the customer.


Please Indo, help me visualise 50%.


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I noticed I couldn’t read a particular Irish Times article yesterday (prompted to subscribe which never happens) - usually my cookie blocker stops the pesky paywall but maybe they’re making it less leaky than before?


Yes I’ve noticed that - it’s becoming harder to read for free.


while at the same time becoming harder to justify paying for… :angry:


The Independent & Sunday Independent, formally in Tony O’Reilly INM group, now owned by Russian Oligarch to cease printing in March…


The Indo take on it is that they are going “digital only” and that they “expect other newspapers to follow suit”.

The FT have a great article here on the trends in the newspaper business.

  • Newspaper advertising is down 33% since 2010.
  • For decades, newspaper executives have pointed to a “digital tipping point”, when revenues from online would offset lost print sales. Now some in the industry are questioning whether there will ever be a profitable future.
  • Profits at the market leaders — the Daily Telegraph, the Sun and Daily Mail — have fallen 40 per cent in the past decade.
  • MailOnline, with 14m browsers a day, still unprofitable.
  • Guardian made a 50 million GBP loss last year.
  • News Corp to “cut overheads” at the Sun and Times.
  • Telegraph expected to do an extensive strategic review.
  • Sun paywall seen as a failure.
  • 1 in 5 now using ad blocking software.
  • Trinity Mirror is adding 13 pence in digital revenue for every pound lost in print revenue.
  • Sponsored content now starting to disappoint. Costly and not delivering audiences.
  • Consolidation starting to occur. Trinity Mirror purchased Local World.
  • Experiments ongoing with micro payments and content supply to Apple, Facebook and Google.
  • Facebook is seen as being like a tabloid for the digital era, short, attention grabbing pieces of information.
  • Large newsrooms becoming a thing of the past and unsustainable.
  • The effort that has gone into online has always had one eye on the past (newspapers) but “I think we’re getting to the end of that road now”.


If you use Chrome as your browser then just right click on a story link and click “Open in Incognito Window” and it will let you read as many stories as you want.


the point is that there were stories for which this would not work


weird, haven’t experienced that myself, I use the incognito tabs all the time for Irish Times … and the Daily Telegraph (when i want a bit of a laugh).


Incognito mode does not block Flash cookies in all browsers, IIRC, so that might be it.


I use cookie blocker instead of incognito mode; (tried that too) ; it was just one story - but it was a story that wasn’t available elsewhere (think it was about the shooting); I’ll try and find it