The Irish Newspaper Industry


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Chrome; think I tired Firefox out of curiosity

can’t replicate it now but it was def. a real issue, I swears


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I worry that a golden era of parasitically free internet browsing will come to an end when the proportion reaches some tipping point :smiley:

I love my ad blocker, the only nuisance site being RTE Player which refuses to play if you use one. Watching two minutes of ads is horrendous enough (especially when you’ve paid to see it via the license) but, since their playback can be glitchy and restarting means watching the ads again, I’ve vowed never to use their pile of crap.

Clearly, ad blocking can be detected, and sites could refuse to show content if you refuse to watch their ads. I presume the prevalence of ad blocking is low enough that the advertisers ignore it currently, but if it becomes ubiquitous the whole commercial model of the internet could be threatened.


London Independent and Independent on Sunday will cease printing in the coming week. Will be ‘digital only’.


The ad supported model suppresses alternatives. The less viable the model, the more space for less irritating solutions.

The web doesn’t need ads.


I’ve used a screen recorder to save the video off line and view later (after skipping forwards), It’s a pain but if you really want to view something like that without ads, it’s one way to do it.


SBP asks the important questions today:

Inside: buying in the womb – is it too late?


Latest ABC circulation results to end Dec 2015 discussed here … 64580.html

#859 … y-dec-2015

Newspaper Circulation July-Dec 2015


1.2 million papers sold by INM every week; that doesn’t pay the wages of very many staff.


while I think of it;

BehindThe Overlay extension (Chrome) is great for reading The Economist without a sub; gets rid of the stubborn popup thing


NM reports hike in pre-tax profits boosted by digital advertising growth … 10802.html


odd choice surely? Great legal correspondent but was unaware of Business experience.

What happen to previous guy - well spoken chap who used to talk to George Hook?


Waited until after the election :smiley: … 3-Mar2016/


Thomas Molloy got a job in public affairs in Trinity. Business journalism is a great way to meet and write about people making lots of money, while taking home a measly salary.

DMcD is on track to be the Editor of INM (or better) if she wants it. Phoenix had a story late last year saying she had been offered the business job but was hesitating. If she takes it, she might have to deal more directly with the owner’s influence; if she rejects it, it could halt her momentum towards the top. So, I guess she takes it and hope it doesn’t last too long.


Gunk report in the Indo on their own results.


  • INM newspaper advertising revenue down 1 million EUR YoY.
  • INM newspaper sales revenue down 4 million EUR YoY.
  • GrabOne shut down after raking up losses.
  • Digital revenue up 3.5 million EUR YoY (excluding GrabOne) while direct newspaper revenue was down 5 million EUR YoY. INM are not replacing lost newspaper revenue with digital revenue.
  • INM results clearly would have been a lot worse except for the economy doing well which is driving property and other advertising types.
  • One area of INM is doing well, ‘indirect print revenue’ via 3rd party printing and newspaper distribution. Perhaps, INM now have more third party printing contracts / distribution contracts?

Overall … The INM newspaper business is heading into the sunset gradually. Forces such as the economy prevented a much bigger decline in print revenue. Digital advertising revenues growing but not replacing print advertising and circulation revenues. Distribution and 3rd party printing doing well, but this, will surely also decline too with the newspaper industry.


ABC Circulations February 2016 … ruary-2016

Some massive drops.


The Daily Mirror took a pasting. did they have a price increase to cause such a big drop?
The English broadsheets must be reaching the point where its not at all viable to distribute over here


The Daily Mirror cover price has being static at 1.10 EUR, Monday-Friday, for some time according to The decline is simply coming from the structural decline of the newspaper industry which is happening faster for tabloid titles.

It all depends on whether EM News / INM / IT have a fixed as well as variable charge for distribution. I would guess that it is mainly a variable charges which probably allows for distribution carrying on even at low circulation levels. Albeit, there is always a breaking point.

The bigger unsustainable cost is the maintenance of Irish editions for UK titles. This costs large sums even to pay a small number of journalists. The Mirror, The Sun, Daily Mail, The Irish Daily Star, The Times, The Sunday Times etc can’t afford localisation forever at ever dwindling newspaper sales levels.