The Irish Newspaper Industry


last print edition of the Independent.


Doubt the website is long for this world either tbh, turning into a Buzzfeed style spamfest.

  • Sunday Times Ireland have made staff redundant.
  • The Times Irish Edition operating on skeleton staff levels.
  • Staff walked out of Rebecca Brooks speech … … 6161404928


Irish Times no longer offering students a discount on the print edition


Not sure how you measure their online rivals though.

But Google trends search data for the journal and broadsheet suggest the trend is down. (Although there’s a big fall in both at the start of 2014 which is peculiar.)


Add into that for good measure and ourselves. Interesting. 2009-2011 seems to be busy period, something has happened since especially to boards in terms of a google search trend. previously offered comparative option for site traffic, but quickly looking at boards, thejournal and IT individually there is a discernible trend of shared drop in traffic from October up to now. Granted this is only a 4 month duration. is more limited now without singing up and I think paying for more features.

Google trends is probably more useful.


I think this one is pretty straight forward:

And, in my opinion, Broadsheet disappeared up its own ass about a year ago.


Search for “thejournal”
The monthly total for “” plus “thejournal” is fairly constant over the last two or three years.


there was a joke (might have been on Irish Pictorial Weekly) : “If its not on reddit then how will thejournal know about it?”


Not really surprising. Who googles for “”? If you know its address you won’t usually google for it. Those numbers are meaningless.


Both have smart phone apps for apple & android, giving direct access rather than goggling…


I must the be last person to use reddit, or to yet use reddit in a meaningful way.

Broadsheet never became a habit as I had the idea before it existed but they’re implementation was different to my concept and I only wandered over via links here. It seemed like a good resource. No idea if my concept was better but I’m sure it was superior. :smiley:

These days when you are the source, some will adamantly not believe you (because they probably do not view there self-age as source or believe they are the ultimate source, two extremes equally lost) and some rather fine sources do not have URL’s you can copy and paste exactly and might I say thankfully too! :nin

Interesting times.

There seemes to be a lot of outfits created on the net lets say circa the 2006 or a social exchange nature that have gone through peak and are now in decline. Are we in the second wave of the net’s rise and fall. My-bebo-space hung astride the horn of the unicorn?

This time, the net is firmly part of our reality. The governments thus are closing in many ways of which some are not visible to all (same as before), will they cement even more power or hold on to the sam ratio?

What next?

This, I came across this example a couple of weeks ago where such pressures are coming into play. I found it as another poster somewhere I can’t remember now because claimed it was closing. Which seems to be the case.

However and this is the more important aspect if not ultimately the most important point I’m going to make today, this week or maybe in the history of this forum. Maybe I’ve said it before. Maybe I’ll say it again.

For possibly the first time ever (that we know of) larger and larger groups of people on the planet have been able to share so much information and human experience and perception so much more more instantly and thus shared intensely, with more with each and every passing second available. To an ever expanding group of humans that they have discovered and shared intimately a widening and broadening truth experienced in a real tangible way (yes), that reality is created by perception. Not to all (yet), but positively, some, some so many more than ever before.

So these cats are not going back into the bag let alone the river, because it is reality.

The only choice left if you want to rest your legacy control (if you felt hat was your reason for being) is to kill and keep killing(as it was in the past, why would it be any different now?), but perhaps it becomes symbolic deaths as opposed to the historical real death and destruction, because it’s impossible to kill 'em all when it is reality because it essentially equal mutual destruction.

I do be wondering by releasing of this power is that part of the kill, the liberation or a big poof of smoke to keep room for the giggles. It’s like all the secrets seem to be coming out now. They’re be no more secrets right or so it will seem soon enough right?

What then?

You may fracture love but expect to face the vast and shattered consequences. Which seems to be the econo-spiritual business model in play, unless of course perception perceives myriad something else with growing critical mass that it converts this and, carries on to trace another part along the splinters that form junk webs of the vast fracture and so forth.

Yea, it’s old news, newspapers are doomed, but do we expect them to report truthfully on their own funeral live? It’s asking too much. Perhaps that’s a straw man in a very windy time.

Not unlike even current platforms as I have noted, all are doomed but that does not mean new is extinct either!

In that case, we’ve been doing circuits so… some say we should have closed the following day if you believe them all. Maybe they were right. Today you might feel hat moe truth than in 2008. Such is the cyclical nature of the great windy. BD


Perhaps. But google trends suggest people are indeed googling the urls…


Browsers with autosearch switched on perhaps, so it “searches” the full url…




^^^ Just kidding

Edit: I wasn’t aware had some offspring

This “rightto” tag is growing tedious though, I must say.


Both Journal and Broadsheet are outside the top 25 and below Reddit according to Alexa.;0/IE

The journal is even below :smiley:


Better that than Right 2 Know IMHO. :slight_smile:


A whiny point on my part. Don’t mind me.

Keep up the good work Gavin.


All feedback is appreciated though.

On the wider point, Right To Know has been widely used in the FOI community for quite a long time, so it seemed natural to us (also coming up with clever names is hard). But I take your point that “Right To …xyz” can be overused. :slight_smile: