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Gerry Beades will be setting up Right2FarmEquipment soon by the sounds of it.


I am loathe to criticise Gemma O Doherty because looking at her Twitter account there seems to be a certain fragility there.

My recollection is that she was the main feature writer for the Indo Weekender while her partner was the editor. This only came out after he died. She had been let go from the Indo before that. As far as I know he didn’t seem to have said anything about it.

Her Twitter feed reads like a compendium of every recent conspiracy theory in Irish life (with a special focus on the Fr. Molloy story).

It either
(i) illustrates why she might have been let go or
(ii) (as an homage to Gemma) it is a false flag effort by a Denis O’Brien secret agent to discredit the blogosphere.


There is one type of brain that tends to accept the official verison of events, quite like my own.

There is another type of brain that automatically rejects it, a bit like Gemma’s.

While I am right far more often than she is, she is right when it is most important.


So the potential option (iii), that there are indeed questions that need to be answered about the deaths of Fr. Molloy, Raonaid Murray and Mary Boyle, does not even warrant a mention as it is more outlandish than the idea that Gemma Doherty is in cahoots with Denis O’Brien?

If there had been any justifiable reason for letting her go I doubt the Indo would have caved on both the unfair dismissal action she brought and the defamation action brought by her and her husband. That it was triggered by her doorstepping Martin Callinan and jeopardising the Indo’s cozy relationship with the Gardai, as is claimed, seems much more credible to me.


Sure. Or is that just what they want us to think?


What do these three cases have in common? Why would someone take on all three?

I think the Indo were worried about what she might have said about them in a witness box.
Did her husband bring a defamation action against the Indo? I don’t remember that but you’re probably right.


They are all murders that took place in Ireland. None of them have been solved. The have all been subject to allegations that either active intervention or passive incompetence by organs of the state contributed the failure to solve the cases and achieve an eviction. Why do you seemingly find it odd that an investigative journalist would take an interest in three murder cases (out of the 1000+ other murder cases during the same period) that display some common elements.

The apology from the Indo was to addressed to both of them so I presume (I could be wrong) that he was party to the case.


For News Outlets Squeezed From the Middle, It’s Bend or Bust - -> … -bust.html


The Guardian: Dark days for a liberal beacon - via @FT

the Grauniad makes the Irish Times look like a well run commercial operation!


Well they have a rich trust to feed on. And no content worth paying for…


When the independent runs these stories or one of their Irish mother/father goes viral with plea for _________ (fill in the blank)
I usually look around and check the other papers to see what they are trying not to report on
My bet is on the release of the report on the Siteserv


Jeany, launching a title. Wow.


From The Indo’s Euro 2016 preview on 9/5/2016 : … 98946.html

"STAR MAN: Marco Verratti (Paris Saint-Germain)

Plugging the creativity void in the Azzurri midfield left by Andrea Piro following his retirement was never going to be an easy task, with Italy boss Conte opting for this PSG star to take the central role.
Previously with Pescara in Italy, he made the move to the French capital in 2012 and has been a key man in their rise to become the dominant force in Ligue 1. Is he good enough to dominate at a major international tournament? We are about to find out."

No,we’re not !!

Verratti to have surgery and miss EURO 2016
Published: Saturday 7 May 2016, 12.00CET
Already denied Claudio Marchisio due to injury, Italy coach Antonio Conte will also be without Marco Verratti for UEFA EURO 2016 as the Paris midfielder will undergo groin surgery.


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April 2016 ABC Newspaper Sales … er-sales-2

The journey into the sunset continues.


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Forget the footy: which Euro 16 nations have boom or bust housing markets? :open_mouth:


Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp buys Wireless Group
Wireless Group owns key radio stations:
Dublin’s Q102
Cork’s 96FM
Limerick’s Live 95FM


If this gets competition approval, name a Dublin radio station (other than pure music) that will not be owned by Murdoch, Redacted, or the government.