The Irish Newspaper Industry


I wonder what he’s getting ready for… :nin


Here’s an idea:


Are you OK, Indo subeditor?


An interesting Guardian article about clusterfucks in the Irish Mail papers by Alison O’Reilly … tic-ethics


Hope that you are not paying for that service!


Nah, it’s Google News. Quite good actually. If you haven’t tried it it’s worth a go. It aggregates multiple stories on the same event so you can pick whether you want the Indo version, the IT version or the Journal version (“15 reasons this government minister got naked!”)


I was in Londis today buying a sandwich and they offered me a free newspaper at the till. Even though it was the Indo I took it just to read while I ate. I spent ten minutes going “Wow, the Indo is slow with their news” before I realised they were giving away 2-day-old copies of the Indo for some reason. Does that still count in circulation numbers?


I would say yes unless the shop had cut off the barcode to get the refund


The ABC numbers for H1 2016 came out today.

Blood shed all around. iLevel has 3 articles with analysis here, here and here.


Says it all really


Irish Independent: the market leader
INM titles dominate the quality Sunday, quality daily and popular Sunday sales … 77852.html

All’s rosy in the garden!


There won’t and shouldn’t be too many of such ambassador’s receptions around in the future.
The whole point of having ambassadors is to handle your country’s business in that country. If they can’t (or won’t do that), then fire the lot of them.
In fact, fire them anyway for being an out dated concept and a huge drain on taxpayers’ paid up taxes.
Is there an ambassador for Brazil? Then why the hell was he/she/it not left to handle the government’s IOC ticket cheating investigation in Rio? Instead we had a junior minister sent at HUGE expense, were assured by Minister Ross that the junior minister (O’Donovan) had ‘taken charge of the matter’ (Examiner newspaper), but clearly had not taken sufficient charge to prevent Minister Ross hopping on a plane and insisting on being in Rio too (what commitment, what a hellhole, eh?).
Outcome of this is that someone, at least one, has got to be fired, but two would be better. Fire the ambassador for having no real purpose in Rio, fire Donovan for not being sufficiently in charge, or fire Ross for waiting until his holidays were over before deciding it was necessary for him to be personally present on the ground in Brazil.
No change that. Fire all three of them


I hope they die a slow and painful death, my only encounter with a journalist from one of the “serious” papers have opened my eyes to what a rag it is.

Hell this place has more interesting gems than newspapers , take the recent Your country your call thread.

The core of their revenue is property but thats being chipped away by Daft and Myhome who do a much better job at advertising properties.


There’s an oxymoron!


INM (DoB) are looking to acquire 7 regional newspapers. More here.

Surely, this will be rejected on media ownership grounds? At what point does DoB have too far reaching media control?


Really it does, it should be “fewer”… no wonder nobody’s buying.


Newspapers: Fact Sheet - Michael Barthel -> … act-sheet/


It depends on how you define the market.

Do you aggregate print, TV and radio or look at them seperately? What about online?

It is seldom estimated or talked about but DOB has made whopping paper losses on acquiring INM over the years. Regional papers are not much of a growth sector either btw.


Irish Times’ paywall getting harder?

Fintan O’Toole’s latest column impossible to read using usual tricks … -1.2805918


You sound disappointed :smiley:

I wouldn’t read the Irish Times if it was free, let alone pay for it