The Irish Newspaper Industry


Hmm. Not cookie-driven, then? What are they doing?


Copying and googling the title of the article and clicking on the link from the results page works for me. 8)


too much effort for a low effort column! this is the push I need to stop wasting time on it


Incognito in Chrome on a laptop works fine for me. You get your 10 free articles, it blocks you, you close the incognito tab and open a new one and start afresh.

But it’s true, erecting an obstacle has only underlined being able to do without the IT. Sometimes I simply don’t bother opening an incognito tab alongside normal Chrome, I just move on


For me it says something different I think to the hitting the free article limit. Looks like they’re paywalling this regardless of the free limit.

“You’ve reached an article that is only available to Irish Times subscribers.”

Is F’OT really in such demand?


tried that… not working for me all other pieces are


I’m a paying IT subscriber, but I can’t remember the last time I read one of his pieces.


This article is paywalled. Nothing to do with cookies or browser fingerprinting etc. You get taken straight to the login page no matter what.

Embarrassed to say it took me 10 mins of dicking around with various browsers, cookies, local storage, and VPNs to figure out it was the article and not a supernaturally smart paywall that get flagging me.



The Press Release.

Not being reported by RTE or INM, but thankfully it’s getting some coverage in the Irish Examiner and throughout the UK.


Wasn’t paying massive attention but pretty sure this was on drivetime yesterday.


Vincent Brown gave the 1st half of his show last night to this


No sign of it anywhere on the website, news or business sections.


Why some papers are ignoring a report on Irish media., - The Irish Times.


This gets infinitely more airtime than a report on concentration in any other sector of the economy.

The contract cleaning industry probably employs as many people as do newspapers in Ireland. How concentrated is the contract cleaning industry? I haven’t a clue. No journalist has written about it in the recent past from what I can tell.

It’s just journalists navel-gazing.


Can the contract cleaning industry help to swing an election with headlines like “payback time”


I have no idea.

There has been a popular narrative (propogated by journalists who don’t work for INM) that this ‘tipped’ the 1997 GE.

There is zero evidence for this. I have always thought of it as an interesting artifact of journalists’ belief in their own importance.


Yeah, when Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen were having secret meetings with Tony O’Reilly in advance of the 2007 General Election they were probably actually just discussing ways to tackle monopolies within the contract cleaning industry?

Oh and whatever happened to the Moriarty Tribunal findings? That was…er… “cleaned up” too?

18 months ago now…


You haven’t lived in the company of those who said “it’s in de paper, it must be true”.


My grandparents bought the Irish Press and voted for Haughey, so yes I have.

None of us are without our cognitive biases.


I see the is making readers register/sign in to read Opinion pieces