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I can certainly sympathise with you on that basis; I’m in the very same situation with a family member who is going to have to rethink the retirement plans, but that doesn’t take from the fact that INM has been a tool for the implementation of the very policies that have destroyed workers rights, driven up the costs of living, and protected a political class that has beggared large swathes of our society while enriching their patrons.

Of course this is not the fault of ‘back-room’ workers, but they should understand how they have contributed to it. The ‘news’ has become nothing more than contrived opinion pieces written by fools whose existence is now so precarious that they have set aside even the most basic journalistic standards and ethics.

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This is just an extension of the screw workers/enrich patrons policy except they are doing it on their own doorstep.

I agree with your (low) opinion of the Indo’s columnists and editorial standards but if you’re a printer or a driver or an engineer you don’t have any real connection to the owner or the editor. You’ve probably never met them; you probably have a separate Christmas party!

I do some work that involves pharma companies. Am I responsible for their over-pricing of CF drugs? Do I share credit if they help eradicate polio?
If you’ve worked on projects with unduly large carbon footprints, or used machines made by companies with questionable human rights records, do you feel culpable?

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@Ixelles, I completely accept your point and I should have expressed myself in a way that wasn’t so offensive.

But, just like the DB pensioners over the last twenty years, unfortunately the INM workers who aren’t effected by this will keep their heads down and will wonder why in ten or twenty years they are subject to the very same treatment.


On a theoretical note, I do think you need to take some responsibility for who you work for. If you work for someone morally repugnant, you need to expect the whiff of repugnance to follow you. Otherwise it devolves into “Just following orders” pretty fast.

Of course, that’s not to say that I find INM morally repugnant – They’re annoying and vacuous but I don’t detest them like Coles does – I’m talking on a general level.


New York Times to vacate ‘at least eight floors’ in Manhattan headquarters - -> … ers-004896

More Wretched News for Newspapers as Advertising Woes Drive Anxiety - -> … apers.html


Broadsheets in freefall. Link to for the full story.

Link to for the full story.


Astounding 25k per edition average drop in circulation over a year with the Sunday World. Can’t be long till INM put the Sunday World to bed for good with no significant digital presence and no real future. Profitability margins must be razor thin at this stage.


Actually it’s one of the most visited Irish websites or so I’ve been told

No idea about profits


It’s not. It’s the 588th most popular site in Ireland according to Amazon’s Alexa

Revenue from digital advertising is likely to be tiny.


Which also explains why almost no print publications will discuss the property/QE bubbles raging in almost every developed city globally right now - because they are one of the few actual paymasters that the print media have left.


More trouble for the Irish Examiner publisher Landmark Media. The Sunday Times report that Landmark Media are working with KPMG on options for the company. One option is the sale of the Irish Examiner to INM.


I don’t mean to alarm anyone but the Irish Times has now placed Ross O’Carroll-Kelly behind a full hard paywall.

Edit: apparently this was last week’s instalment only. This week’s is back to normal. Thanks Luan for pointing this out.


Ross O’Carroll Kelly - the so-called satirist?
Jonathan Swift must be spinning in his grave

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Just came across the Limerick Leader’s ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ system. It looks interesting, but I haven’t had a chance to investigate exactly how it works. How are the micropayments made (5c to read an article, 25c for an hour of archives, 50c for a day)? I presume you pay €10 credit and work it down?

I think that has a lot more potential than fixed subscription charges. Could work for all kinds of websites. Even discussion forums. :nin


Interesting one alright. Ideal would be for all/most publishers to adopt a harmonised system so you didn’t need to buy credits with everyone. You could just have 20 quid worth of credit and buy NYT articles for 25c, local news stories for 10c, Irish Indo opinion columns for 0.1c and so forth



Those Irish Indo opinion pieces could be where you go to top up your credit. It would be like getting paid for doing psychoactive medical trials except inevitably the outcome would always be shit.


:smiley: “I’ll have the Times, the Post and…(sigh) a couple of Ian O’Dohertys”


Sorry I don’t have a link but RTÉ Radio 1 was gleefully reporting a major downsizing at Communicorp at 6pm last night. It did sound like a bit of a bloodbath.

I guess they are seeing the same hit to advertising as the newspapers.