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Irish Times agrees deal to buy Irish Examiner along with other titles … newspaper/


July to December circulation 2017:

iLevel report here:

Irish Times could dip below 60,000 the next time around.


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The Indo claims 2700 digital subscribers all at the full rate.
The IT claims 17000 digital subscribers. Is there any breakdown of what rates they are paying at. Full, Crossword, Free student sub.
I remember this was a question left unresolved after the last report.

If you take out the 10% of bulks - copies the IT give away for free - the IT is already below 60,000. That’s down from 120,000 in 2007. And long may that continue.


Troubled Irish publisher Independent News & Media has reported a 32 per cent fall in profits for last year.

The company, which is 29.9 per cent owned by Irish telecoms entrepreneur Denis O’Brien, said profits before tax fell from €41.8m to €28.5m. Sales were down 9.4 per cent at €293m.

INM, which has changed both its long serving chairman and its chief executive in the last six months, has appointed EY, the consultants, to draw up a strategic plan. The board says the plan “will involve reshaping the business model to address the challenges faced by the industry”.

Industry experts say the company is considering introducing a pay wall for its online content.


Sunday Business Post strategy dismays me greatly. I love it for business, insights into what is going on in sectors or across the country. The circa 30K circulation has not shifted in a long time. What’s worse is the digital subscription. Altough we don’t appear to get these figures anymore, they were in the region of 1-1,100 for a long time. The Hard paywall strategy is the second worst strategy for a paper after clickbait.
Subscribing to a newspaper is not an impulse buy. I would love to see the ratio of click and subscribe to those who close the page once hit with paywall. I’d speculate it’s close to 99% who close given their stagnant numbers. I’d be brave enough to project a 1000% increase in digital subscriptions in twelve months with the right model and strategy. Easily. They would have to change their cost structure though as that is prohibitive too. People cannot reconcile paying more for a digital subscription than for purchasing physically on a weekly basis. It’s that basic. Strategy has to represent value and the potential for scalability.

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Tom lyons reporting the following on twitter:

Director of Corporate Enforcement applies To High Court to appoint inspectors to investigate Denis O’Brien’s INM

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…In a statement INM said: “The Court may appoint an inspector to investigate the affairs of the company and report on those affairs to the Court, if the court is satisified that there are circumstances suggesting that the affairs of the company have been conducted in an unlawful manner or on certain specified grounds.”

INM said it was taking legal advice on whether the ODCE would have grounds to make an appointment.

It said the appointment of inspectors could result in material costs for the company…


Just came across this paper looking at the role of papers in the bubble before the crash 10 years ago.

It is called “The Irish Newspapers and the Residential Property Price Boom” and written by Ciarán Michael Casey of Oxford.

The link is below but you’ll need an account or access via a university library:


Also see here



Irish Times gets green light to buy Irish Examiner

Kinda undermines their (good) arguments in favour of media pluralism. Won’t make them dominant compared to INM and its owner’s stable of papers and radio stations but still…


How, how could they possibly get the green light for that!!!


The acquisition of Landmark by the IT is the right move and required. Landmark Media Investments, wno own the Examiner, are on their last legs. Circulation is down 66%+ from peak, advertising revenue has collapsed and they are struggling under high debt. They either went to the wall or gained part of the bigger more viable media group. The CCPC made the right decision. Hopefully the BAI and government also do.


Given that the total readership for Irish newspapers is heading towards two men and a dog, I’m not sure it makes much difference one way or another.


Wonder if they will merge some functions - ad sales and print, for a start. But what about newsrooms? Would the Examiner just become the Irish Times with a Munster accent?


Stephen Rae out @IMN

Wonder if he’ll stay on at the EU High Level Group on Fake News
Ming Flanagan is already asking parliamentary questions in the European Parliament since the ODCE raid. It would be a bit weird if he stayed on the fake news group without having any other standing.


Fianna Fáil proposes State funding for newspapers … s-funding/


Following the pre-internet herd to the grave.

I reckon what’s left of FF after the next election will split. There’s no way the soldiers of destiny would accept being the established coalition prop.


Irish ABC Newspaper Circulation January-June 2018 … -june-2018