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The official “cases” mean nothing, until the only important question is clarified.

The official numbers indicate that the pandemic is well OVER (the declaration of the pandemic is controversial because it turns out a changed the definition in advance of this event, as I understand it made it easier to declare a pandemic) but the holding onto the criminal levels of power to continue the run of crimes against humanity is not over by a long shot.



So does all of this mean that the reported global positive case numbers are completely incorrect? Does it mean the reported global positive case numbers are massively overstated?

Very much yes. Then numbers quoted are a classic example of heterogeneous polluted data. Or how to lie with statistics 101.

SARs CoV 2 infections can lead to viral pneumonia. Thats the “SAR” bit. If people dont die of severe pneumonia (with a proven SARS CoV 2 infection) they did not die from SARs CoV 2. They died from something else. They may die with SARs CoV 2 but that another subject given that in all the countries with high “SARs CoV 2” infection rates all use indiscriminate RT/PCR testing. And those with low “SARs CoV 2” infection rates only use very strict testing protocols and diagnostic criteria. Like Norway and South Korea. And pretty much all countries before March.

So in Europe the Irish and UK “COVID” numbers are junk. Statistically worthless. They are so polluted by ambiguous data. Same goes for Italy and Spain. Number in France less so but still not terribly accurate. Germany a lot better and Scandinavia pretty good data. Same situation in the Far East. China numbers completely fraudulent. Totally. Taiwan and South Korea completely accurate. The rest somewhere in between.

In the US the state of Washington state has the most reliable statistics. As do states like Idaho, the Dakotas etc. States like NY, NJ and Ma the numbers reported are not quite as junk and fraudulent as mainland China but pretty close on occasions in the early days. Still fairly worthless. In California its still a testing cluserf*ck omnishables. So par for the course. And recent uptick in numbers is most likely due to the testing delay now being less that the incubation / infection length time.

So its a given that countries with high “COVID” death rates a large percentage of those deaths had false positive tests.

All you need to know about the HSE statistics that RTE read out everyday is that if they had tested exactly the same people 18 /24 months ago they would have got pretty much the same number of positives. And they will get about the same number of positive in 18 / 24 months times. Thats how prevalent false positives are in those numbers. Those “case numbers” dont mean anything. Except the ones in ICUs with pneumonia. Those are the real cases. If its not in the ICU its not a SARS. And from the CSO numbers it looks like pretty much the same number of people died from pneumonia this year as last year. So whatever epidemic mortality bump we might have had was over by June.

What you are seeing is pure unadulterated media driven mass hysteria. Nothing else. As of today your risk of dying of Influenza is still higher than dying from a SARs Cov 2 infection. In fact depending on the local current human corona-virus mix, your probability of dying of one of the other general circulation human corona viruses is probably still higher that dying from SARs CoV 2. Thats how stupid and insane the current hysteria is.


Hospitals have been overrun with trolley counts, waves of influenza deaths every winter etc. for over a decade. Right now we have lowest trolley count in our hospitals for a decade!!! :+1:
IHCA have been highlighting lack of consultants for years (700 posts vacant I think?). Public health doctors are about to go on strike as they have been underresourced & undersupported for years. They are (or should be) front and centre for handling pandemics. Not quick quango boards. Sorry, expert advisor boards.
ICU beds (and normal hospital beds, and doctor numbers) have been below EU averages per population for years.
Our health service was just about crawling along (with horrendous waiting lists for some specialities) and was bound to be brought to the brink of collapse if one last straw came along… why?


You ask why? Its because we’re stupid. Is this the correct answer? Is there a prize for getting the correct answer?


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He Surrenders

I guess aborting a Constitutional Republic is not repugnant to said Constitution.

Seems legit.


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