The Irish Sue the Banks

Not on Facebook, so can’t check out their page.

Are they like thetans?

What’s the betting these people are debtmonkeys?

Well they are suing their mortgage providers so if you can get anyone to bet against them being debt monkeys…

“The bank made me do it” x 100

none of them are exactly spring chickens - too old for FTBs (Cannies…)?

What resources are they talking about, not the Shell to Sea nonsense?

It’s very short on detail but one of the first things I spotted there was the name Ben Gilroy. He is one of the speakers at their event in Waterford tonight. Normally I would find myself sympathetic towards anyone with the balls to go the lay litigant route but this lady with her diamond earings and talk of “€138 being a small price to pay when you’re suing for a million” doesn’t really inspire sympathy.

Are they claiming to have lost a million each?
€138 would put food on Cornflake Cop lady’s table for a week.