The Irish Times are unashamed shills. … -1.1442123

25% of fuck all is still fuck all in the 2Pack school of statistics. The Irish Times differs…but they have a property supplement to sell of a week. :frowning:

Leaving aside whether these people can get money to BUILD the permitted homes the number of planning permissions in Q4 2006 was more like 18600 than 1860 . In Q4 2006 the IT did not query the unsustainably “Huge” number of permissions either, sure they still had a property supplement to sell every week after all.

Furthermore…how many of the “Huge” 1860 Q1 2013 applications were retention applications by the likes of BOSI and Ulster who are assidously clearing out the dross from their loan book…just so they can get rid like. ???

I’m surprised they bother including numbers at all.

Why not just write the article as follows (my humble edits in italics)

This is now an article that need never be rewritten. And given the gyrations Mr. Coleman has shown, nobody need every worry if its right or wrong.

I do feel bad dropping the 930,000sq m stat. I mean, what are you to do with it? Why not quote it as “about 1km^2”, or put it in terms of some random comparator like

  • 130 soccer pitches
  • the area covered by the skin from 531k human bodies (i.e. everyone living in Co. Antrim)
  • the area of a sphere with a radius of just over twice the height of the Spire of Dublin

it’s 44.757 microWales.

2.84 average Irish farms

This is a good article. Lets hope they produce a similar story every week.

If people believe that there is a flood of new houses coming in stream perhaps it will end the current frenzy in SCD.

I hear you. A rise from tiny figures cannot be taken out of context.

See thread here following PP figures

well at least they didnt say permissions granted were soaring!

I would regard the Irish Times as one of the least reliable sources possible for property. They played an enormous role in inflating the bubble. So many people foolish enough to trust them, are a bit fooked, as in have lots of negative equity. The IT pratfall in buying myhomes was well deserved.


What was more galling was that the Irish Times was ultimately lifting this off the CSO’s webiste. … rter12013/

They are the real origin of the ‘spin’ which the Times just cut and pasted.
The CSO neglected to highlight the fall y.o.y in volume (much easier to rig the area number as discussed).
Clearly we are getting a more “Spanish / Italian” flavour to our stats - God help us !

Kindof an odd synchronicity round the numbers…

New builds are down 90%

Mortgage lending is down 90%

Prices will end up down…? :slight_smile:

I suspect there is a 110% chance we will see a meteoric rise in the use of surge, huge, green shoots and recovery in relation to new builds over the latter 50% of 2013, going forward. Increased affordability in the housing market will result from easing of house prices.