The Irish Water (meters) thread

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Looks like the 2014 deadline has already been missed

Not to be hindered by a late 2015 start for meters, a flat rate to be introduced in 2014 to get the ball rolling
(remind anyone of the €100 household charge?)


Well, someone has to pay for his Aeron chair :smiley:


Chambers Ireland stick their oar in.

Does not compute. Inserting a meter randomly in every house in the state as opposed to doing it in a structured fashion - start at one end of a street and work your way through to the other - just in no way can cost less or be quicker.

Similarly the postman doesn’t just jumble up the letters and deliver them as they come out of his bag.


Eoghan O Neachtain has already been hired to head up the spin doctoring on this. He was the ill fated spin doctor hired by Bertie and retained by Cowen as Government Press Secretary.

Nice little earner this, around €250k a year plus generous expenses, essentially as a lobbyist. Lets hope he is not driven to head butting anyone eh!! :smiley:


Yes, but it may be the only way to stop enriching Denis O’Brien, this time via Siteserv.


My understanding is that the enrichment will be done in the time honored fashion at the local level, with each LA in charge of allocating contracts at a local level.


So it’s Healey Rae Plumbing in North Kerry, Lowry Water Contractors in Tipp… look, I’ve just saved them 2 expensive tender processes.


Could be a nice little earner for whoever’s doing the installations. Contact of mine at a county council recently discovered that groups of houses all over his particular county have had central heating installed (at public expense) every single year for several years.


Through grants?


Not familiar with the ins-and-outs, all I know is he found that individual dwellings had central heating installed every year for years on end, which was billed to the council - imagine via grants sounds correct.


And no-one will go to jail.


How much will it cost to instal meters?

It’s a revenue raising measure so just charge a flat fee and ignore the pretence.

Local authorities won’t be happy to cede control of water rates revenue to a new utility.


My sewerage is metered! Here in King County WA USA they use our metered water to add a sewer usage charge it works out about twice my water the combined bill is about $150 a month a little more in summer…


Looks like end of 2016 now for metering. Slipped another year in a week! … 09789.html


How is this going to work for apartment blocks? One charge for the building I’d wager, which kinda defeats the purpose.

Remember that currently most multi unit commercial buildings share a meter and water charges.


$150 per month = $1,800 per year = €1,400 per year.

Thats €1,400 per year for water and sewerage. Thats what they have planned for Ireland.

All the naive fools, who think septic tank registration is about pollution, should wake up to what they have planned for Ireland. When they are charging €1,400 per year to urban dwellers for water and sewerage, they will have to charge the same in tax to rural dwellers for “fairness”.

Naive irish people dont realise that water & sewerage are natural monopolies. There is only one supplier of pipes to each street. That means, no competition between suppliers and that means monopoly prices. Remember the price of phonecalls when Telecom Eireann had a monopoly? Thats whats coming for water and sewarage.


The Chief Executive of Bord Gáis has given an undertaking that the country’s new water utility company will provide a world class system, warning that the task ahead is great but achievable. … reann.html


Mr Mullins has always talked a good game…not necessarily convinced he can Play a good game.


That’s how it works in most of the continent as well - water price per 1 cubic meter, and sewerage billed on that number as well. Has anyone seen a statement on where the water price in Ireland would be apart from summary numbers?

As for competition: you only have one power line to a house, but you can still have competition between suppliers.


I always shudder when I hear that “World Class” phrase used - ever since Mary Harney promised us a world class health system around 10 years ago.