The Irish Water (meters) thread


Thats not what she said and you know that if you were listening.

She said she counted 3 solicitors per defendant which she though excessive seeing as all were on legal aid. And she pointed out that on the continent in cases like this where a group of defendants are tried together, 1 legal team represents them all.

Keep the hyperbole down a tad :unamused:


A defendant might have their own solicitor, but in a court case you employ a barrister to advocate for you for the trial. A Junior counsel assists the barrister. Why would a defendant have three solicitors and no barrister or junior counsel?

That’s our legal system. It applies equally to all. Joan Burton wanted a mass trial? with ‘dodgy’ Garda evidence?

Moaning, whinging shite that defines her.


What happened at the protest is not the story. The story is how the State tried to destroy protestors and failed.

Actually, they did manage to drive one protester to his death, so I suppose you can chalk that one down as a victory if you want. :unamused: … 8-Jul2016/


Do you understand the difference between a solicitor, a barrister and junior counsel?


You need to calm down and slow down. I repeated what Burton said in her interview, thats all.
I know this topic brings down the red mist on you, but chill.

Your making wild assertions and when the story from the interview is pointed out (an interview you claim to have listened to) which outlines your inaccuracies , you go off on a different tangent.



drove him to his death?

Looking at the video i would imagine issues related to his obesity were a more likely cause

thats a scandalous post.


so you have confirmed your first post misrepresented what she said

thanks for clearing that up


He was 36, played Rugby and it’s hard to tell how rotund he is from that video but he doesn’t look like a prime heart attack candidate.


its very sad that this young man has died, he has a family and a lot of friends by the looks of things. But blaming someone for driving him to his death is uncalled for. Im actually shocked at the depths coles has plumbed here.


Concerning the refund of the water charges. People were asked to contribute their refund cheque to charity - does anybody know how much this initiative raised?

A workmate raised an interesting point on this - if you didn’t pay your water charges did anybody suggest that you should pay what you would have paid to charity?


the irony of those who encouraged non payment urging those who did to give the money to charity


300k actually received by 15th Dec … 64528.html

I think I recall reading that over 5m had been pledged though it’s easier to do that part than actually pay it over


Thanks - seems like a disappointing figure given the sums involved - but it’s probable that people gave at least part of the money to charities other than the ‘official’ one.


Irish Water confirms €1.3bn River Shannon Water Supply Project … r_shannon/


An aqueduct would look lovely


Irish Water says it needs €18bn to improve infrastructure … -1.3474305


Irish Water to become single national utility … -1.3566138


Unions won’t like that :slight_smile:


Have you seen the proposed water rates for businesses, to take effect from Q4 19? Huge increases


Domestic Metered Public Water Consumption
2016 … ption2016/

Water consumption fell by 8.4% between 2015 and 2016