The Irish Water (meters) thread


Water commission recommends worst of all possible solutions: keep the metering infrastructure, read the meters, then don’t charge practically anyone


:bulb: Maybe they could pay people a bonus or tax rebate if they use less than a certain amount?

Disguise part of the stick as a carrot.


Well they recommend some kind of payment to people on group water schemes so throw a couple of quod over to us Dubliners as well sure.


Why is that a bad solution? Wasn’t the idea of metering to encourage conservation? Don’t the meters already exist? Far better to have the service paid for by a progressive taxation system (as it was before this omnishambles was invented) rather than using it as a way to transfer the taxation burden on to the poorest as FG intended.


And gas?




The obvious and simplest solution that should have been there from the start.
Everyone gets a huge allowance at the start, so no bills, and no protests.
Then gradually reduce the allowance.

The quango is here to stay.


Fianna Fail are already floating ‘Plan B’; combining the water charges with property charges. They really are a comedy act. Have they already forgotten that they campaigned for the LPT to be frozen because rising house values were resulting higher taxation on appreciating assets? Wasn’t that the entire point of having a property tax tied to property values?


Motor Tax on Post 08 cars is quite low - can they not just double that ?
There’s actually scope to triple it for some premium motors compared to what pre 08 cars pay … co2-basis/


That would result in a disproportionate increase in taxation on the wealthy. That’s against the FG core policy of transferring taxation on to the poor ‘making work pay’.


Indo - Water refunds for households, but only if you didn’t claim conservation grant
Refunds of charges for all!


Well, that’s the end of one of the most shambolic, stupid, wasteful, divisive and devious episodes in the history of the State.


can’t introduce them again for another generation at least because long after the details are forgotten people will still think of it as a bad thing like the poll tax.
This is a service charge that Ireland should have but it was ruined by the implementation which went against the objective which was to introduce fairness. The main protagonist for this has ridden off in to the E.U. sunset and couldn’t give two flying fiddlers fuck for that damage he has done.


Twice? How were we able to get water for “nothing” up until now?

Coveney is making an ass of himself, but he probably sees it as a prerequisite to being King of the Blueshirts. If he wants to address waste then introduce district metering and make the live data public. Focus awareness/education/enforcement in areas with excessive use. Fianna Fail are going to shred Fine Gael over this and they’ll be nicely set up for a snap election.

The most cost effective way to reduce water waste is to teach it in school.


Willie O’Dea on the radio proposing to prosecute people who wilfully overuse water, using 2007 legislation.

What a clown.


Sean Barrett (FG TD, former Ceann Comhairle) talking with Sean O’Rourke has admitted that the water metering scheme is nothing to do with conservation and all about transferring the taxation burden from direct taxes to indirect taxes.

They gave him the wrong script.


How’ll that work?

Give primary school pupils a few little projects where they can draw little pictures demonstrating how water conservation could work.

You know like they way they handle teaching that littering is bad. How’s that been working out? Irish streets nice and clean in the mornings? No illegal dumping?

If you had a toilet fill valve constantly leaking into the bowl at maybe 10L per hour but wasn’t causing any noise would you be more likely to fix it
a) if you thought it would cost you money to not fix as it was being metered and charged for
b) if you had to draw a little picture back when you were 10 but now you know it would save you money and time to not fix it.

Cost effective? Only if you’re not concerned about the effective part.


Do your kids litter? Mine don’t. I explained to them why it was a stupid idea and it worked. You should try it.


I would need to be wearing a stab-proof vest before I even dared ask some of the kids around the part of Dublin in which I lived to dispose of their litter in the bin not 10 metres from where they dropped litter.


The leaking toilet cistern is an interesting problem on a number of levels. It is estimated that a leaking cistern could add up to €100 per month to your bill, but it is also likely that it could easily go unnoticed for months on end. A leaking cistern (or any leak not a result of carelessness or greed) could cause severe hardship to a household.

The leaking toilet also highlights the stupidity of using drinking water to flush away excrement. If drinking water is so precious then why do we use it to wash shit away? It would make far more sense to use untreated rainwater for the toilet/washing machine/garden and this would save 50% of all drinking water used in a house.

Retrofitting rainwater harvesting makes good sense, but it makes far better sense for every new build to have it fully installed. How would this be paid for? Very simply by reducing the Water Levy to accommodate the cost of it.


Ahhh, so the reasons for illegal dumping and that that our streets are not nice and tidy in the mornings is that it’s personally my fault?

Judging by the size of the problem, I would have thought this unlikely. But nonetheless I’m chastened.

Ireland - I am deeply sorry for this irresponsible and selfish behaviour.