The Irish Water (meters) thread


I never defended the level of the charge.
Purely variable (per unit charge) is not feasible. That’s my point.


Eddie O’Connor


not replying as then moderators would have to stand by what I’d say.


30 degree eco wash doesn’t kill stuff.


The technology is now cost effective for homeowners not to need any mains electricity connection. No standing charge, no bill.


That’s why people use detergents in washing machines.


detergents lift dirt. high temps kill stuff.


It’s normal for rainwater to be used in washing machines. If you are worried about it then use an antibacterial detergent. Indeed if you read up on bacteria in washing machines you’d probably use bleach. And don’t leave your clothes on the washing line in case it rains.


it isn’t the rain, it is the bird poop which gets washed off the roof tiles in to the barrel.


Thank fek for Barry Cowen. If you ever had even a notion that FF have changed, mended their ways and outlook, had a new purpose/vision…well Barry just confirms that they are still sleeveens of the highest order.
An obnoxious old school FFer of the worst kind


I don’t like Fine Gael, largely because I particularly dislike baldy Noonan. That being said, I am 100% voting FG in the next GE. Thanks Barry Cowen


Please do tell.


Christ on a bike where do these morons come from.

FF sent Vinnie B a complete gobshite of a Senator called Loraine Clifford Lee who:

  1. I never heard of
  2. Will never get elected to anything other than the senate…thankfully.

To spout utter shite on VinB about water meters. Vinnie filleted her and pointed out that FF it was who legislated against water waste in 2006.

Jeez with this class of idiot ‘anti’ I WANT a water meter now. :frowning: Around 15 minutes in to the programme you will see a blonde yoke on playback…that’s her.


She was obviously given a list of bullet points on the issue by FF HQ and she still can’t deliver it with clarity.


He went at her again at 35 mins in. Jeezus.


Install a 6kW PV system, 12.8KWhr of storage (2 x TeslaWalls or similar), and immersion divert controller and install a 6/1kW MicroGen CHP unit to provide charge to the storage when necessary.

The Solar PV system will provide 5600 kWhrs, of which 26% will be used as it is produced during the day, 61% will be diverted to the storage for use in the evening/night, and 13% will be diverted to water heating.

In a house constructed to the current standards the MicroGen unit will only be required to provide heat to the house in the months of October-March which coincides perfectly with the months when additional electricity is needed to top up the storage.

For rural houses they could go completely off-grid by replacing the CHP unit with a wood burning stove to provide heating, and a 2kW wind turbine to supplement the solar supply in the winter months.


Estimated cost of that system?


€13-15k for the Solar PV/Immersun/Tesla Powerwalls (or similar) and €7k for the Baxi MicroGen CHP.

There’s no good reason for the CHP unit to cost that much and I’d expect the price to come down to closer to €2.5k within 5 years.


I’d guess ongoing maintenance/costs of that would not be trivial and even a rainwater harvesting system must be maintained which would cost much more than the annual maintenance on an oil or gas boiler.
future housing stock needs energy and potable water efficient(dishwashers/washing machines) fittings and a very low U value with regard to insulation; insulation doesn’t generally need upkeep.


The maintenance on solar panel is close to nil. The maintenance of a CHP unit is the same as a conventional gas boiler.

The point of this exercise is to show that the Utility companies as we know them are dead. There is going to be no business model based on consumption charges because as the prices of the supply (electricity, water etc) rises households will use technology to avoid the cost. Under the consumption charge model the cost of maintaining the system will fall on those who can’t avoid the charges (the poor, elderly, tenants, apartments etc). Ultimately this model will fail and it will have to be maintained from direct taxation.