The Irish Water (meters) thread


Apologies, fixed now. I know the difference, just didn’t check.


There are three parts to the policy:

  1. Metering

  2. Charging for water

  3. Setting up a utility

  4. will survive even if 1) and 2) don’t.

In the long run the greatest impact on conservation will come from a proper, professional, nationally-managed water utility.

@Mantissa - Yes, IW will inevitably fall into the bad habits of the semi-states by taking on lots of debt and paying low dividends. This is probably still better than what went before though, with overmanning in the local authorities and big problems with water quality and wastewater treatment - particularly west of the Shannon.


Oh yes, I agree. A central water authority is definitely better. My point was just that the motivation for setting it up was neither virtuous (reducing waste) nor evil (punishing poor people) – it was just business as usual: trying to hide debt off-balance-sheet (plus, the Troika told us we had to). Now that Eurostat has seen through the ruse, I suspect that a lot of politicians just see IW as taking away money and power from local authorities, which are convenient slush funds for political parties. So it wouldn’t surprise me if IW gets completely dismantled – after all it’s the worst possible outcome for the country and the taxpayer, so it’ll probably happen.


Gulp! Water increasingly unaffordable for many Americans, -CBS

‘Making Work Pay’


AC is pretty essential but quite expensive for the poor in large parts of the US too.

Still, the population centroid of the US keeps shifting south and west.


Has anyone a link to what they said on the news about a solution to the Irish Water issue. I couldnt here (this house is a bit mad at the moment) I thought it was saying those who use 70% above the National average could be penalised after being warned but does that mean Water Meters are back in play


EU has already said that’s not an option.


Free sweeties for all! (followed by EU fines) … committee/


Sindo reporting that gym classes are mandatory for IW employees.
Like, wha?
Also more infuriating stuff.
**[- All 675 workers given ‘performance-related payment’


The repeated FG line on politics shows is

  1. You’re paying for Paul Murphy’s water ! Do you want to do this !
  2. You’re paying for water wasters !
  3. Yes we made a cock up of Irish Water !
  4. Fines are coming !

But I’m already doing this and I have been for years ?
Do FG think that Paul Murphy and the rest of the general populace runs taps for the craic of it ?

Correct me if I’m wrong - The Fines are coming because of FG cock ups e.g. temporarily changing the national practice of not having charging regime ?


Two things
1 FF’s cock ups are titanic but Irish Water and the charging regime were designed and implemented by FG. Irish Water is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fine Gael.

  1. Water charges were brought in after Enda’s announcement that austerity was over ! What a cock up !


Garbage numbers. $310 per month for Seattle? Well I just checked the current rates from the PUC and the rates have gone up quite a bit, maybe doubled, since I last paid a City of Seattle water / sewage bill more than a decade ago but back then the bill for a very large family house (with family) was about $50/$60 a month. Max. Before the Greens on the city council bankrupted City Light the electric bill was about $35 / month. With full electric heating. After the Greens had bankrupted City Light I stopped using the heating when the bill hit $150 one month.

Anyway. Every city I know gives a 50% discount on utilities to low income households and getting a deferral / abatement due to income is usually no big deal.

So a made up story. Michigan State? Where the fuck is that? Oh, its an ag/trade college in East Lansing. In the arse end of an arse end state. Think Longford. Only with worse weather. They should stick to beef yields and corn diseases.


That’s exactly what will happen!
Low investment now, infrastructure not being repaired or developed - let alone being future-proofed - leading to a “water shortage” in Dublin if we get more than 2 weeks dry weather this summer.
Meanwhile water flows to waste, mainly from the mains pipes leaks, but also from Jimmy who just can’t be bothered to fix the leaking hose, and Mary the neighbour who will water the garden for an hour each night of the drought.
Bolt on any likely EU fine, and the plan looks like it’s working out like gangbusters… except for the taxpayer - they’ll see a larger diversion of general taxation to water. But “thankfully” they’ll never know.


Standard way to privatise public services. They’ve been doing the same thing across every aspect of our society. Fascinating to watch how much the Irish people are prepared to suffer before they wake up to it.


Must be hard for the Unions trying to keep all the plates spinning on the IW fiasco

  1. protesting on the Saturday
  2. defending pay/bonuses on the Monday … 4-Apr2017/


Whatever about item 2 and 4, items 1 and 3 on that list seem utterly unsurprising to me. 5% of workers on over €100k? Doesn’t seem insane. Performance related payment? Doesn’t pretty much every private company do this too? A portion of remuneration being variable, and dependent on receiving reasonable performance reviews? Are we seriously arguing that the standard public sector pay regime is the best way of getting top performance out of people???


Generally if you offer a carrot (bonuses) there also has to be a stick (losing your job, or at least not getting your bonus). Given the union situation in Irish Water they appear to have all carrots and no sticks. Everyone gets their bonus, no-one performed poorly. Right.


Or everyone got a bonus proportional to their performance? I don’t know, but the headline is kinda describing a functional company. I don’t deny that, behind the scenes, it may be making a pig’s ear of things.


Fudge, I mean report, passed by the committee today … r-charges/

Looks like a major FF climbdown to me after all their luster over the past few days. Cowen was on the news tonight acting the hard man as usual…"if anyone ever gets a water bill again, give me a call. I don’t expect to get many calls’
He proudly proclaimed that Irish households will never see a water bill again.

Of course FG climbed down on this several times by this stage. A puppet Govt.

SF were on the radio earlier saying this was another bin charges in the making…that the door to charges has been left open through the ‘excessive use’ clause.


Fuck me are people still talking about bloody water charges XX

It’s not like there’s anything more important going on the country XD